The Witcher Showrunner Answers Fan Questions On Twitter

The following article contains spoilers for The Witcher season two.

The Witcher’s long road from novels to video games to television has been quite an adventure, and now that the Netflix series is on its way to season three its showrunner made herself available for a quick yet efficient Ask Me Anything session on Twitter to go over some of the decision-making processes behind the show.

For those that have followed Netflix's The Witcher since it first premiered back in December 2019, this is not a rare occurrence as the series’ stars and creative team have always taken part in these types of deep dives inside Andrzej Sapkowski’s world. In this case, Lauren S. Hissrich made herself available for a few hours while waiting for her next flight to answer some fans’ pressing questions about The Witcher’s second season and where it’s all heading.

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Netflix itself had already hosted a special Witcher panel where Hissrich explained just why Eskel went out the way he did, however, here she tackles topics as varied as to when everyone will stop treating Jaskier so badly, Ciri’s sexuality, fast travel mechanics within the show, and how Jaskier’s absolute bangers come to fruition. Hissrich also made clear season three is already in development, claiming Time of Contempt was a much easier novel to adapt than Book of Elves, though it’s very much worth scrolling through all the questions.

Hissrich did avoid giving out careless answers to more intricate questions like one fans’ musings over why Yennefer would think about sacrificing Ciri after longing for motherhood during all of season one, simply saying “Waiting until I’m on my computer instead of my phone”. She did confess Tissaia is by far her favorite Witcher sorcerer, and most notably talked a lot about how she wants Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and -of course- Jaskier to come together as a family going forward.

Among the many comments made by Hissrich is some deserved praise to The Witcher’s star Henry Cavill, who besides being an absolute fan of the games and novel has become one of the show’s go-to Witcher consultants due to his extensive lore knowledge. Funnily enough, among the comments made by the showrunner is confirmation that Ciri was supposed to have a “schoolgirl crush” on Triss, despite that idea being ultimately dismissed.

As of now, Witcher fans should be expecting season three to come out around the same time of the year in 2022 as Hissrich definitely doesn’t want part three to take as long as the second one. Before that, the Blood Origin prequel will probably answer many important questions about the sagas genesis event, the Conjunction of Spheres.

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