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Rainbow Six Siege Update Backtracks Controversial Nerf

Ubisoft confirms that it's rolling back changes to Smoke's gas vulnerability in Rainbow Six Siege following negative feedback.

Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Mobile

Ubisoft officially announces that a mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege is in the works and releases an official trailer with some familiar faces.

Rainbow Six Siege: Best Tips For Team Deathmatch Mode

These tips should help players quickly get on their feet in Rainbow Six Siege's fast-paced Team Deathmatch mode.

Rainbow Six Siege: How To Use Azami

Introduced in Rainbow Six Siege's Demon Veil expansion, Azami is a Defending operator. Here is how to play as the Rainbow operative.

Rainbow Six Siege Adding Even More Rick and Morty Content

Dr. Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith continue their takeover of Rainbow Six Siege with new content for operators Doc and Fuze.

Rainbow Six Siege's Goyo Rework Makes Him More Versatile, But Not Meta

While Goyo's Volcan Canister rework is more versatile, this doesn't put him up there with some of Rainbow Six Siege's top defending operators.

Rainbow Six Siege: How Azami's Gadget Breathes Life Back Into the Game

Rainbow Six Siege's newest season, Demon Veil, introduces Azami - a defending operator with one of the most versatile gadgets seen in the game.

14 Multiplayer FPS Games Perfect For Newcomers To The Genre

New to the multiplayer FPS genre? These online shooters are perfect for beginner players.

Rainbow Six Siege's Team Deathmatch is The Best and Worst Place To Warm Up

The release of team deathmatch in its latest season gives Rainbow Six Siege players a new place to practice their aim at the start of a session.

Rainbow Six Siege is Free to Play for Limited Time

Team-based multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege is free-to-play for a limited time, and new players can pick it up permanently for a reduced rate.

Rainbow Six Siege Adds Team Deathmatch Mode

Rainbow Six Siege reveals a brand new permanent Team Deathmatch game mode that features a few unique twists from typical gameplay.

Rainbow Six Siege: 12 Best Sights To Use

From close-range optics to high-powered scopes, these are the best sights available in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege: Explaining The Scrapped Goo-Shooting Operator Flubber

Azami, Rainbow Six Siege's new Operator, was apparently heavily inspired by a canceled Operator named Flubber that shot green goo.

Rainbow Six Siege: All Shield Operators, Ranked

Every successful team needs to protect their allies. Here's a look at how Rainbow Six Siege's shield operators stack up.

Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Year 7 Content Roadmap

With Operation Demon Veil set to start in two weeks, Rainbow Six Siege reveals some of the new content coming in the game's seventh year.

Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Operator Azami

Rainbow Six Siege officially revealed Azami as the newest Operator to join the game, a defender themed around Japanese private bodyguards.

Rainbow Six Siege: The 20 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

Until you've played for a while, it's hard to tell which weapons are the best in Rainbow Six Siege. These are the most powerful ones in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Bans Thousands of Players Every Month

Ubisoft shares details on the various measures taken, as well as thousands of bans handed out, to combat cheating in Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft Adds Rainbow Six Siege Tribute for KiXSTAr

Ubisoft honors recently departed Rainbow Six Siege caster and pro KiXSTAr, adding a reference to the player at an iconic location.

Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Coming Later This Week

A new announcement for Rainbow Six Extraction reveals an update for the Buddy Pass stating that it will be available to players later this week.

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