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Funny Overwatch Ashe Play of the Game Shows BOB Doing Most of the Work

In a recent match on the Route 66 map, one Overwatch player shows off just how effective BOB, Ashe’s Ultimate, can be during skirmishes.

Overwatch 2 Removes Developer's Name from Map

The Overwatch team made the decision last year to remove references to Blizzard developers from its games, so a new name change is now in order.

All the Nationalities Represented in Overwatch

It is no secret that a large portion of the intense success that Overwatch has enjoyed can be attributed to its cast of diverse and unique characters.

Rumor: Leaker Details New Overwatch 2 Character's Abilities and More

A new rumor making the rounds online claims to reveal a new character coming to Overwatch 2 along with her abilities.

Why Overwatch 2 is Making Doomfist a Tank

With the confirmation that Damage hero Doomfist will be a Tank in Overwatch 2, players are wondering why Blizzard made the switch.

Overwatch Fans Are Turning Reinhardt's New Skin Into a Meme

While Reinhardt is one of the Overwatch heroes that received a recolored skin in Anniversary Remix Vol.1, fans are making memes about the design.

Overwatch Changes 2 Zarya Skins

Blizzard alters two of Zarya's skins in hero-shooter Overwatch in response to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Overwatch: Everything You Need to Know About Anniversary Remix Vol. 1

To celebrate six years of Overwatch, Blizzard releases the Anniversary Remix Vol. 1 event that brings back fan-favorite skins, modes, and more.

Overwatch Could Be Adding More Night Maps

Judging by a recent change to the menu, Activision Blizzard's popular hero shooter Overwatch may be planning to add more night maps in the future.

Overwatch 2's Trophy List Should Avoid Hero-Specific PvP Achievements

While the original Overwatch did plenty right, the hero shooter’s achievement list is something that the sequel can easily improve upon.

Rumor: Overwatch 2 Leak Suggests Game Will Have Guilds and New Mode

A new Overwatch 2 leak from a former Senior UI designer at Blizzard hints at a new guild feature and a PvE 'boss fight' mode.

Overwatch Fans Frustrated That The Pink Mercy Skin Is Not Returning in Anniversary Event

Overwatch fans express their disappointment at the lack of the fan-favorite Pink Mercy skin in the new Anniversary Remix event.

The Most Iconic Tomboys In Action Games, Ranked

Tomboys are a popular character archetype, especially in action games, due to their kick-butt and stoic nature.

What Overwatch 2 Maps Need to Learn from the First Game

To fulfill its full potential as a true PvP sequel to its predecessor, Overwatch 2 can learn plenty from the years of feedback on map design.

Overwatch Announces Anniversary Remix Vol. 1 Event

New Overwatch event shakes up the anniversary celebration and gives players one last chance at old skins and game modes before Overwatch 2.

Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers Getting Bonuses in Blizzard Games

Amazon Prime Gaming announces the platform will be featuring bonuses for two popular Blizzard games with more planned for the future.

Top Overwatch League Player is Retiring

The Overwatch League loses one of its most famous and decorated players to retirement right before the start of the new season.

Overwatch Player Finds Genius Capture Spot For Wrecking Ball on Eichenwalde

Wrecking Ball is a good character to play on the Overwatch map Eichenwalde, and this Wrecking Ball player found a good spot to hide on it.

Why Overwatch 2 Fans Are Unhappy With The Sequel’s HUD

With Overwatch 2 revealing more information in the lead-up to the closed beta next month, some fans are unhappy with changes to the game's UI.

Doomfist is Not The Only Hero That Should Change Roles in Overwatch 2

Doomfist is becoming a Tank in Overwatch 2, and while this change is a big deal, he is not the only character who can benefit from swapping roles.

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