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8 Recurring Boss Battles That Should Have Stopped At One Fight

These famous video game bosses should have never returned from the grave multiple times to challenge players again.

Elden Ring Player Calculates How Many Boars Would Have to Be Killed to Hit Max Level

One intuitive Elden Ring player calculates how many boars gamers would have to kill in-game in order to acquire enough runes to hit max level.

Elden Ring Clip Shows Genius Environmental Storytelling at Raya Lucaria Academy

An Elden Ring player experiences a funny incident of environmental storytelling related to the iron ball trap inside Raya Lucaria Academy.

Elden Ring Player Uses Character Creator to Make Spawn in the Game

One Elden Ring player is finding that the character creator in FromSoftware's latest project is immersive enough that even Spawn can be made.

Elden Ring Invader and Hunter Join Forces to Find AFK Rune Farmer

A clip shows an Elden Ring blue hunter standing by as an invader punishes a host for exploiting a hiding spot and a shameless rune farming strategy.

Elden Ring Player Makes Nacho Libre in the Game

One Elden Ring player is finding out just how much freedom the character creator grants by making a video game version of Nacho Libre.

Real-Life Statue Looks a Lot Like Elden Ring Teardrop Scarab

An Elden Ring player spots a sculpture of dung beetles in London that bears an uncanny resemblance to the game's teardrop scarabs.

Hilarious Elden Ring Video Shows Friends-Style TV Show Opening

An Elden Ring player creates an awesome, hilarious intro sequence for the game based on the T.V. show Friends that features a ton of the game's cast.

Elden Ring: D Hunter of the Dead Full Quest Walkthrough

D, Hunter of the Dead is one Elden Ring NPC with an intertwining quest. This guide will help players track him down and finish it in the right order.

Elden Ring Player Mourns Death of Helpful Co-Op Partner

In a valorous but tragic twist, a Elden Ring invader turns to help a player in battle only to be caught in the crossfire, leading to the remorse.

Elden Ring: Margit's Shackle Can Be Used to Find Hidden Walls

Elden Ring players discover multiple unexpected uses for the unique Margit's Shackle item that go well beyond the item's original intent.

Elden Ring Player Beats Malenia as a Level 1 Wretch and Never Gets Hit

In a show of pure skill, an Elden Ring player posts a video of themselves defeating Malenia as a level 1 character without getting hit once.

Elden Ring Invader Tricks Host By Pretending to Be AFK

One Elden Ring invasion ends on a hilarious note when the invader tricks the host player by pretending to be AFK and thus defenseless.

Elden Ring Glitch Sends Runebear Sinking Through the Ground

Elden Ring's ferocious Runebears can be intimidating to fight, but one player's encounter with one ends in a fortuitous glitch through the floor.

Tekken Mod Adds Elden Ring Characters

A Tekken modder releases a massive fanmade mod that adds Elden Ring characters as playable fighters in Tekken 7, including Alexander.

Gorgeous Elden Ring Fan Art Shows What It Would Look Like As a 2D Game

One Elden Ring fan creates a gorgeous piece of fan art that shows what the game would look like if it were reimagined as a 2D Soulslike title.

Check Out This Elden Ring Final Boss Music Cover Using Harp

One fan of Elden Ring shares a video of themself playing a harp cover of the game's iconic--and unexpectedly optimistic--final boss music.

Elden Ring Solves 7 Year Old Dark Souls 3 Mystery

An Elden Ring dataminer dives into the game's files and discovers something that actually solves a mystery that dates back to Dark Souls 3.

Elden Ring Players Are Debating About the Game's Most Hated Monsters

Elden Ring features dozens upon dozens of unique enemies, but some fans are objecting to some of the game's most unbalanced baddies.

Elden Ring Player Makes Compilation Video of Them Killing AFK Rune Farmers

An Elden Ring montage captures numerous AFK famers being killed by a genius player using the jar cannon weapon.

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