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Dying Light 2: Biggest Changes in Update 1.3.0

Dying Light 2 has just received its 1.3.0 update, bringing new content and changes to the game including a New Game+ mode and FOV slider.

Dying Light 2 Patch Rolls Out, Adds New Game Plus And ‘Mutated Infected’ Quest

Techland releases an update for Dying Light 2 that introduces New Game Plus mode and a few other things to the action survival horror title.

Dying Light 2 and The Mystery of Kyle Crane

Kyle Crane, the protagonist of the first Dying Light, is mentioned throughout Dying Light 2, but his disappearance is still shrouded in mystery.

Dying Light 2 New Game Plus Release Date Announced

Developer and publisher Techland confirms exactly when Dying Light 2 fans can expect the long-awaited New Game+ feature to come to the game.

Dying Light 2 Sold 5 Million Units During its First Month Following Release

Techland unveils details regarding Dying Light 2’s first month of sales and the franchise's continued success throughout the years.

Dying Light 2 Complete Guide - Tips, Tricks, And News

Looking for strategies, the latest information, or secret locations? Dying Light 2 fans can find all of that and more right here.

How Dying Light 2 Could Benefit From New Game Plus

With Techland recently confirming that Dying Light 2 will receive a New Game Plus mode in the next update, the benefits it will have are clear.

Big Dying Light 2 Update Adding New Game+ and More Later This Month

Techland reveals details on the next major update for Dying Light 2 which includes tons of fixes and the highly requested feature, New Game Plus.

Dying Light 2 Studio Working on New Game Plus, Photo Mode, And More

Techland has promised a five-year plan for Dying Light 2: Stay Human and a recent interview confirms that the studio is working on some extra goodies.

Dying Light 2 Dev Says DLC Will ‘Surprise People’

Since Dying Light 2 came out in February, many fans have been hoping for some extra content, and the dev assures gamers there's much to anticipate.

Dying Light 2 Files Hint at Possible DLC Expansion

Since being released, many fans have been hankering for new mission content for Dying Light 2, and some leaked details may hint at some coming.

Dying Light 2 Update Fixes Problems With PS4 and PS5 Versions of the Game

One of the biggest problems with Dying Light 2 was the 'deathloop' bug, but it looks as though Techland has sorted it for the PlayStation versions.

Dying Light 2 Update Nerfs Korek Charm, Developer Says It Will Look into It

Dying Light 2 received a pretty significant update recently, which has fixed numerous issues, but it's also adjusted one aspect of the game.

Dying Light 2 Lead Designer Discusses Game's Future

In an interview with Game Rant, Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala broadly discusses what fans can expect of the future.

Dying Light 2 Patch Finally Fixes ‘Deathloop’ Bug, Makes Nights More Challenging

After Dying Light 2 came out, fans were noticing a game-breaking issue which this latest patch seems to fix, as well as changing other things.

Techland Has 'Really Crazy' Ideas for a Dying Light 2 Version of The Following

In a Game Rant interview, Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala discusses the reception of the Following and how it may impact future DLC.

Dying Light 2: 10 Great Mods That Improve The Gameplay

Dying Light 2 is a fun game on its own, but these great gameplay mods make the experience even better.

Dying Light 2: How Gameplay Will Factor Into Future Content Drops

In a Game Rant interview, Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala discusses the role of gameplay in future content drops.

Dying Light 2 Mod Adds Nightmare Mode That’s ‘Not for The Faint of Heart'

Sometimes gamers like to be challenged, to have their mettle fully tested, and this recent Dying Light 2 mod aims to please the more hardcore players.

Dying Light 2 Might Get New Game Plus

Dying Light 2 developer Techland tells fans that it's 'seriously considering' adding a New Game Plus mode to the action role-playing game.

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