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Varric is the Main Character of Dragon Age

The Dragon Age series may have many colorful characters, but none are perhaps as central as the irrepressible rascal that is Varric Tethras.

Why Dragon Age 4 May End Up Canonizing Some of Inquisition's Events

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a lot of world-changing events, and it's likely Dragon Age 4 will have to make a fair few canon to continue the story.

Dragon Age 4 May Very Well Shine More Light on Female Qunari

Female qunari have been incredibly underutilized in the series so far, but Dragon Age 4 could change all that with a focus on the intriguing race.

Dragon Age: The Dwarven Caste System, Explained

Dragon Age's dwarves have a strict caste system with seven different levels of castes divided among the upper, middle, and lower classes.

Dragon Age 4: Can Solas Be Redeemed?

Solas' character arc was one of the more surprising aspects of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but players wonder if he can be redeemed in Dragon Age 4.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Four Distinct Liars

Dragon Age: Inquisition has an interesting cast of companion characters, and more than a couple are known to be notorious liars in their own way.

Dragon Age 4: Mythal Could Be the Key to Stopping Solas

Mythal could end up playing an integral role in Dragon Age 4, and she may even be the person that is needed to help stop Solas.

Dragon Age 4 QA Devs Are Unionizing

Contractors from Keywords Studio working on BioWare's Dragon Age 4 are moving to unionize, citing pay discrepancy and COVID-19 protocols.

Dragon Age 4: Why Dorian is Likely to Return

While much is still unknown about the upcoming Dragon Age 4, its Tevinter setting seems to hint at the return of one fan-favorite character.

Dragon Age 4's Focus on Character is Vital to its Success

The Dragon Age series' focus on character has always been central to its storytelling, but Dragon Age 4 needs to elevate this to set itself apart.

Dragon Age 4 Could Have Two of the Most Unique Companions in the Franchise

While very little is known about Dragon Age 4, there are hints that potentially two of its companions have never been 'seen' in the franchise before.

Dragon Age 4 Should Have Maevaris as a Companion

Maevaris is a Tevinter Magister from the Dragon Age comic, and has a strong case to be a compelling companion in the upcoming Dragon Age 4.

Dragon Age: Everything We Know About Blood Magic

Blood magic in a disturbing and powerful practice in the universe of Dragon Age, and it's likely to rear its head again in Dragon Age 4.

Dragon Age: What Happened To Maric?

The Dragon Age comics explain what happened to Maric, the King of Ferelden before Dragon Age: Origins, and fans should find the lore fascinating.

Why Dragon Age: Inquisition's Transgender Character Is So Important

Video games may slowly be improving their representation, but Dragon Age: Inquisition has helped to pave the way for transgender inclusion.

Biggest Decisions Players Have to Make in the Dragon Age Franchise

The Dragon Age franchise is full of drama, numerous dangers, and some difficult decision-making, but some choices are bigger than others.

Dragon Age 4 Needs to Bring Back Origin Stories

One of the most popular aspects of the first Dragon Age game was the variety of origin stories, and it's something that Dragon Age 4 needs to revisit.

Dragon Age: Origins - Is Anora Or Alistair Better For Ferelden?

Between Anora and Alistair, choosing the next ruler (or rulers) of Ferelden has always been one of Dragon Age: Origins' more difficult choices.

The Importance of Speciesism in BioWare Narratives

Racial hierarchies and rampant prejudice are a common aspect of BioWare games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, with important story consequences.

Dragon Age: Why Witch Hunt is the Important DLC in the Entire Franchise

Dragon Age: Origins' Witch Hunt DLC leaves a sizeable footprint on the entire franchise and will likely remain relevant come DA4.