Fallen Order's Title Has Huge Implications for Future Games

In all manners of storytelling, naming conventions matter. Star Wars is a prime example of this, as Skywalker means traveling through the skies (space) for young Anakin. Luke and Rey have simple, unassuming names to better reflect their benign nature and projective relationship with the audience, especially while talking to aliens whose names may seem odd. The same goes for Cal Kestis, keeping this simple naming convention even in a video game like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Not all naming conventions are particularly deep though, nor do all naming conventions manifest in all pieces of Star Wars media (Anakin vs. Luke in terms of names, after all). But it's worth wondering if the same logic can be applied to a game like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, in which a sequel one way or the other could take use of the seemingly odd placement of the colon.

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Star Wars Jedi Sequel

Reportedly, the placement of the colon was of some debate, and it's easy to see why. For example, if it were Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, it would be a simple Star Wars game like Star Wars: Squadrons. Jedi Fallen Order would be this particular entry, and it would still make sense. A sequel could even carry on in the former of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2, and it all still make sense under the Star Wars umbrella. The colon placement, as a result, has to be intentional for one reason or another.

Obviously, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 could be the simplest way to go, but this still implies that Fallen Order 2 is a subtitle to Star Wars Jedi as a proper title of the game. In other words, the colon placement would still work if Star Wars took a Horizon approach. Horizon is essentially the title in Horizon Zero Dawn, as while it's not typically stylized with a colon, the sequel has a feint "II" in its logo art between Horizon and Forbidden West to indicate that Horizon is the operating title, with Zero Dawn and Forbidden West operating as subtitles. Instead of focusing on the numbers, though, it changes subtitles. As such, a Star Wars Jedi sequel could follow the same concept and just swap the latter half as "Star Wars Jedi: Sequel Subtitle."

It would effectively be "Star Wars Jedi 2" with a new game taking on a new subtitle. While this could mean nothing, a new subtitle would allow for exploration of more stories, without the game having to continue the same Star Wars story or even bring back Cal Kestis (though it definitely should).

Dark Side of the Force - Star Wars Sith

The colon placement and different approaches between the theoretical "Star Wars: Jedi" and the proper "Star Wars Jedi:" are small enough that it may not be much concern, instead just waiting to see what the proper title looks like whenever a sequel is properly announced. However, there is one big implication that only makes sense based on the placement of the aforementioned colon. It wouldn't in the theoretical name, but the colon placement in the proper name of "Star Wars Jedi:" also implies the possibility of a "Star Wars Sith:" as a future game.

Now, naming convention alone, that's not much to go on. But fans should note how the Light and Dark Sides of the Force are often game mechanics in Star Wars games, yet there's no option for a Dark Side Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This could have been saved for a future game, in which Respawn Entertainment plays with this naming convention to create new games and a fresh take on a franchise full of sub-franchises. It's not necessarily like Dark Side Star Wars games are new, but that they are typically results of choice. Even Starkiller, Darth Vader's Apprentice, was given choice in video games.

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As such, a "Star Wars Sith:" gaming subfranchise would be really interesting to see, where players were put into the shoes of a Sith without a choice for the Light Side. This may seem as a turn off for many at first, but looking at possibilities and going out on a limb, it's possible that "Star Wars Jedi" and "Star Wars Sith" games could be weaved together for a bigger, more epic narrative.

Star Wars Jedi and Star Wars Sith

Again, this is mere speculation based on naming convention speculation, but it is still a fun idea: a Star Wars Sith game could feature around hunting Cal Kestis as an Inquisitor of Darth Vader. Not only would this resolve Star War Jedi: Fallen Order's Darth Vader problem, but it would make use of the established story so far in unique ways. It would be unlikely that the Sith character would kill Cal in any way, but it would still be an interesting game of cat and mouse across sequels.

After all, the Dark Times have been explored thoroughly enough, and something new is needed. Disney has recently introduced the new Star Wars High Republic era, which itself is ripe for new video games based on a galaxy littered with Jedi Knights, instead of one purged of them (yet there still being quite a few roaming around). It all remains to be seen where Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order goes with its sequel, but based on that pesky colon placement, it's possible it's something a bit more grandiose than Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2.

A Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is in development.

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