10 Tips For Using New Attacking Operator Ace

Rainbow Six Siege's newest season, Operation Steel Wave, is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: two new operators are taking the field. And this time around, they both look like they're going to well and truly change the meta for a long time to come.

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Ace, the new Attacker coming to Siege, looks particularly strong. Coming in as the fourth Hard Breacher to Siege, he's capable of doing things that, previously, only Hibana or Thermite was capable of doing, separately. Let's get into the specifics of how his gadget works and how to get the most out of playing as Ace:


First off, let's cover Hard Breaching for the uninitiated. In Siege, Defenders can reinforce certain walls with metal reinforcements, preventing all but a select few Attackers from being able to destroy the wall.

Hard Breachers are those select few. They're capable of playing the role of the Big Bad Wolf, blowing down those walls the Defenders thought were safe.


Ace's SELMA gadget is unique for a few different ways, the first of which is the way in which it detonates. It isn't one single explosion that blows through the Defenders wall.

Instead, there are three separate explosions that come from each SELMA charge, each coming directly downwards from the first. This opens a very sizeable hole in the wall, more than enough to allow Attackers to mosey their way on in.


This SELMA device is thrown as well, meaning Ace doesn't have to necessarily put himself in the line of fire, unlike Thermite. It's thrown much with the same trajectory a grenade would be, so in most cases, if you can get a line of sight on the area you want to break open, you can get it open.

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There will be a little bit of a skill gap with this device because of it being thrown instead of precisely placed, like with Thermite and Hibana's gadget.


If you do happen to mess up the throw with the SELMA, as long as it hasn't activated, it can be picked back up and thrown again.

This is going to keep the device from being too punishing, and allows you to try some riskier stunts with it that you might not try otherwise.


The SELMA device can destroy ceiling hatches, though this is going to require two of his three SELMA charges to do, and they won't fold open like they do on a wall, either.

Still, Ace is able to easily open one sizeable hole in a wall and a ceiling hatch in the same, much like Thermite can.


The explosion from the SELMA charge does very little damage to players, meaning Defenders can absolutely sit on the opposite side of the wall as it explodes and surprise you with a hail of bullets the moment the wall in front of them explodes.

Ace players (and any other Attacker around) would do well to get a sightline with cover as the SELMA unfolds, lest they immediately get sent six feet under.


This is where Ace goes from Very Good to Absolutely Nuts. For some reason, the Hard Breaching operator Ace has access to the undisputed best weapon in the game, the AK-12. At a 2-2 speed/armor combo, Ace is going to feel like a smooth operator to use in gunfights, so combined with the AK-12, he is going to have some serious fragging potential along with his incredibly high-value utility.

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He also has access to the M1014 shotgun, but let's be honest here, no one is going to use it if they're trying to win. Ace's secondary weapon is the P9 handgun.


And that's still not the only thing about Ace that's a little bit insane. He has access to either breaching charges or smoke grenades for his secondary gadget.

With those smoke grenades, Ace can, entirely on his own, open up the wall in a site, smoke the area so Defenders have no clear sightline, and plant. With no help whatsoever. Entirely on his own. Seriously, in the right hands, Ace can act as an entire Attacking team, making his name really pretty apt.


If you do decide you need some teammates with Ace, Thatcher and Kali are going to be some good sidekicks, much like they are with every other Hard Breacher.

Bandit, Mute, Kaid, and the sort can disrupt Ace's ability to use his utility in the same way they can with every other Hard Breacher, so the same mechanics are going to apply here.


Overall, Ace is going to change the game is a lasting way, provided he doesn't get changed on the Test Server between now and the seasons' start.

He has the highest-possible value utility for an Attacker in a Hard Breaching gadget, he has the best weapon in the game, and he has secondary gadgets that negate the need for teammates to really even be present except as guns to watch his back. In the right hands, Ace is going to be utterly terrifying; don't be surprised to see him banned in most matches, at least for a while.

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