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While Rainbow Six is no stranger to setting its action-packed sequences in various countries, it’s perhaps Rainbow Six Siege that takes everything to the next level with its immensely-immersive settings. Take the Tower, for instance. Released in Operation White Noise, this high-rise set in South Korea gives players some of the best verticality options the game has to offer on top of its serene and captivating futuristic-plus-nature blend.

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True to Rainbow Six Siege fashion, the Tower has all the elements to make it as interactive a Rainbow Six map as possible - such as an amazing cityscape view from its vantage points, multi-level offerings with various tactical layouts, and even a rooftop for intense encounters. Just how should players make the most out of the Tower Map?

The Tower: Packed Spaces Means More Roaming, Aggression

Compared to other maps in the game, the more densely-packed spaces of the Tower Map makes it viable not just for roaming but general aggression-based approaches. Both Attackers and Defenders can easily contest various locations on the fly, forcing both sides to quickly adapt their strategies. In general, approaches should rely on the following:

Basic Defense: It’s All About The Openings

Due to the interconnected nature of rooms in the Tower, it makes sense for one room to likewise give line of sight straight into the next. With the right explosive touch, Attackers can see straight into multiple rooms at once, making it disadvantageous for roaming Defenders.

To avoid these setbacks, Defenders should immediately open up hatches to secure their rotational benefits and watch out windows for any Attackers hoping to counter-flank. It helps to ensure major walls are defended in order to ensure there’s no chance for the Attackers to establish line of sight to their objectives.

Reinforcements: Remember Ideal Protections

While it’s obvious enough for Defenders to try reinforcing particular areas on the map, it helps to at least ensure that plant zones are adequately protected against Attackers in a way that allows the Defenders to eliminate their enemies with swift prejudice. As such, ideal reinforcement zones are the following:

Reinforcements: Unconventional Traps Work

Interestingly enough, there is also merit in using some of the Tower's unique elements to get the advantage against Attackers. Here are some unique ways to use various elements associated with each plant site:

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Reinforcements: Identify Roaming Spots

Given the roam-heavy nature of Tower, it's important for Defenders to take advantage of these opportunities and secure their defenses while taking advantage of the interconnected nature of the Tower's rooms. Here's how to take advantage of these options from each plant site:

Defender Operators: Secure Sites On The Go

Due to the roam-prone nature of the Tower, it helps to carry Defenders capable of taking care of themselves and securing sites on the go. Players on the Defender side need to ensure that they’re more than capable of disrupting enemy movement and flanking them once they start focusing on a particular area. Ideal Operators are the following:

Basic Attack: They Will Be Waiting

One of the most practical tips one could get when attacking on Tower is how Defenders will likely be waiting for Attackers on hatches and elevators, especially since they’re either trapped or revealed enough to become rat spots for easy kills. Attackers need to rely on their intel work in this regard, ensuring they have a good grasp of the Defender’s focused defenses, so they know where they can assault.

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Aside from this, one of the most practical ways of catching the Defenders off-guard is to strike fast and loose - ensuring there are multiple points of contact and line of sight to ensure the planting is secure without any room for error.

Offense: Line Of Sight Matters In The Plant

There are four ideal plant sites in the Tower, all of which are within walking distance of each other - meaning there are a lot of chances for Defenders to swoop in and defuse if the package isn’t protected properly. In this regard, Attackers are advised not just to choose an ideally-protected plant site, but strike a site from the perspective of securing line of sight. In this regard, ideal plant locations are:

Offense: A Lineup For Speed, Aggression

In order to maximize offense as Attackers, it helps to secure a lineup that could lower defenses of the location as fast as possible. With regards to ideal Operators, subclasses and specializations may have to include the following:

Attacker Operators: Strike Fast, Strike Hard

Considering the rather interconnected nature of rooms in Tower, it’s imperative to strike hard and strike fast as Attackers. Staying sharp while breaching and keeping an eye out for flanking are surefire ways to secure both the planting and the victory in most matches in Tower. As such, recommended Operators to use would be the following:

Rainbow Six Siege was released in 2015 and is available for play in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

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