10 Pro Tips For Expert Play

FPS enthusiasts enjoy Rainbow Six Siege for combining the tactical prowess present in any Rainbow Six game with the sheer thrill of modern multiplayer shooters. And players who want to level up their Siege game will likely try figuring out neat tricks and strategies for their operators of choice.

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Moreover, gamers who want to excel in their Siege matches will want to find the best ways of synergizing their operator abilities with the rest of the team. Additionally, the game provides "pro" strategies for eagle-eyed players. So, for players interested in going pro in the Siege scene, just what are some best practices for competitive play?

10 Listen For Movement, Attacks

Thanks to Ubisoft, Siege makes use of a special sound propagation system that aims to give realistic sounds throughout the battlefield as possible. Moreover, sound in Siege "realistically" travels by bouncing off objects and through open spaces. For casual players, this sound element gives Siege a realistic appeal. However, pros can use this to deduce enemy movement.

For instance, breakable barriers such as doorways and windows can make sound travel easier in adjacent rooms. Players encountering empty rooms should break windows so they can hear enemy footsteps easier. Likewise, players with drones should avoid jumping a lot as their drone makes noise during these actions.

9 Slice The Pie

Ubisoft tried its best to make Siege as realistic as possible. With this in mind, teams can also apply real-life law enforcement tactics to gain the upper hand in matches. For instance, teams can take advantage of something called "slicing the piece" to gain full coverage of a room.

This concept means hugging the wall next to an open area like a window or a door and them aiming at the corner furthest from the player. Afterward, their aim should cover the area in a semi-circle before hugging the wall beside their window or door for cover. This process not only helps teams clear rooms from windows and doors faster but also secures cover much faster.

8 Memorize Maps Whenever Possible

FPS fans love Siege for its tactical take on the shooter genre, as the game makes maps an integral part of matches. In Siege, matches happen in multilevel maps with various destructible items. This factor means teams can make full use of their environment to "breach" through walls, fortify checkpoints, or even attack enemies from unexpected locations.

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Moreover, certain operators get to access certain sections of the map otherwise considered inaccessible for most players. For instance, Amaru's Garra Hook reveals special sections of the map she can use her grappling hook on.

7 Cover Is Crucial But Fatal

Operators get the best defense from cover, as this protects them from most attacks while they pick off enemies. Likewise, fighting enemies with cover can pose a huge disadvantage to players. However, always relying on their cover also has huge risks.

In these situations, teams on the offensive should consider flanking enemies using cover. This strategy makes sense as players defending from covers usually don't have protection on the sides and at the back, making them vulnerable to most weapons. Pro-tip: This works against riot shields.

Likewise, players using cover shouldn't stay there for long as enemies can use this strategy as well. When using a cover, players should have their teammates strike enemies trying to flank.

6 Drones Can Be A Team's BFF

Operators with drones should fully-utilize them to their advantage, especially when attacking. Teams on the offensive should position their drones in hidden locations that give them a view of the path they want to take. Likewise, extra drones should be used as a distraction to get the enemy's attention when attacking.

Moreover, players should position themselves as far or opposite from the drone as possible to avoid giving their position. When done correctly, enemies can spot drones but have no way to know where the rest of the team will be coming from, leaving them primed for an ambush.

5 Try To Understand Enemy Patterns

Teams should strategically use their rounds to get to know enemy patterns. There's a huge possibility that a team will use the same strategy throughout the match, so teams should use this to their advantage.

For instance, snipers will likely use the same locations, and rushers will usually try to attack from the same position. Moreover, players who try to do this and realize the pattern is "broken" can use the initial pattern to start anticipating where enemies will come from on the map. This strategy can make planning for defenses much easier.

4 Utilize Operator Combinations

Operator combos serve as one of the most underrated strategies players can use to turn the tide of battle to their favor. Similar to other MOBAs, Siege teams benefit from operator synergies. Moreover, these synergies maximize the utility abilities these operators offer to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

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For instance, Thatcher and Thermite serve as a great team breach combo. That's because Thatcher can disable Anti-Breach gadgets to make room for Thermite's breach. Meanwhile, Mute and Mozzie serve as a great anti-drone combo in maps, practically denying intel gathering from the enemy. This combo makes it useful for teams to roam without the risk of drones spotting them.

3 Defend With Sense

Players defending the objective should avoid being aggressive, as enemies could easily pick them off. Instead, defending teams should secure the best angles possible to pick off enemies trying to rush in. If teams have the time, nitro cells should be positioned above doors they won't be able to cover to give them time to defend contested objectives.

Likewise, defending teams should always anticipate attackers rushing in for the kill. As such, defenders should always take note of potential covers, angles of attack, and trap placements.

2 Play With The Right Team

While it's not easy to find a regular squad in Siege, players become one step closer to pro play with a reliable team. For instance, while three-man teams work in most low-ranked matches, higher-ranked matches require teams to be synergized.

This caveat means players should start finding regular teams to play with or make sure they learn to communicate quickly and efficiently when playing with strangers. This tip means using call-outs frequently and strategically, and even resorting to voice comms to elaborate on strategies much faster.

1 Build Muscle Memory

Fans of Siege will likely go through Terrorist Hunt once and be done with it. After all, it's just a tutorial, right? However, players who want to develop a better handle on the game's mechanics should consider playing through Terrorist Hunt as fast as possible. Doing this strategy will help them work on their muscle memory.

For instance, this mode will help players understand the dynamics between their loadout and the environment. Gamers can also learn how to study map layouts quickly, how to dispatch cameras, and adjust their controller sensitivity in the process. Aside from actual gameplay tips, it's also hardware settings that can hinder or help you in a match.

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