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Thanks to Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege, fans of FPS titles get a tactical spin to their shooter experience. Moreover, as befits its franchise, Siege brings players an entirely new competitive tactical multiplayer experience deserving of the Rainbow Six name. As fans may know, Siege lets them take on the roles of various Operators with special skills that enable them to get the edge in combat. However, players might have a hard time choosing between the game's 30-plus Operators.

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Interestingly, fans might want to turn their attention to Nokk of the Jaeger Corps. This invisible Attacker specializes in flanking roles and intel-denial. As such, Nokk players specialize in surprise attacks and counterintelligence tactics. However, these tactics aren't as easily pulled off as they seem to be. Thankfully, Nokk players may easily excel in using this Operator for their missions, with the help of some effective tips.

10 Prepare The Mindset

Some players might dislike playing Nokk due to the kind of demand she gives to her controllers. After all, unlike other Operators, Nokk is built to go solo and disrupt the enemy lines for her teammates. As such, Nokk doesn't always become the ideal Operator of choice for players used to enter rooms with backup or at least to roam rooms solely for setting up drones, cameras, and other defenses.

Moreover, players who do want to use Nokk should have an innate familiarity with the map being used — especially in condensed maps such as Coastline. As players will learn later, Nokk isn't well-suited for the endgame. Instead, Nokk secures victory by ensuring the team plays the opening gambit with her on the lead.

9 Understand The Loadout

Nokk's most impressive aspect would lie in her gadget, the HEL Presence Reduction Device. In essence, this wrist-mounted gadget completely "silences" Nokk  — making her produce no noise while walking and project no image on cameras. However, players should understand that the HEL does have its limits. For instance, it only lasts for 12 seconds with a 6-second recharge time.

In essence, HEL allows Nokk to advance ahead of the team to eliminate roaming targets. In turn, this gives her companions an edge when securing the objective, especially in linear maps such as Club House. However, she does come with a rather low-DPS loadout to compensate - which includes her Primary Weapons (FMG9 SMG or SIX12 Semi-Auto Shotgun) and her Secondaries (5.7 USG or D50 Pistols).

8 Secondary Gadgets Secure Her Role

As an intel denial specialist, Nokk players can choose how they want to fulfill her solo skirmishes. Moreover, her Secondary Gadgets help her fulfill more specialized roles, with each offering enhanced tactics for Nokk should players want to pursue them — like in a crazy map like Theme Park.

For instance, Nokk can discourage roaming on the enemy side thanks to Claymores. As it has lasers that reach a 3m maximum distance, Nokk can secure corridors for her teammates. Meanwhile, she can also put Claymores near physical objects that can hide their lasers, further increasing its efficiency. Meanwhile, Nokk can disrupt enemy formation with Breach Charges. As these are remotely detonated, Nokk can place Breach Charge to help secure a rotational area for the team. When enemies go to check out the explosion, Nokk can rush in from the opposite side to eliminate them.

7 Roam Clear Is The Key

Unlike other Operators that maintain an active role throughout the match, Nokk's best time to shine lies at the beginning of the game. Thanks to her skillset, Nokk becomes ideal not as a scout but as an early deterrent. Ideally, Nokk players should choose an angle separate from the entire team, and she should enter the main area while roam clearing rooms as early as possible. This tactic works best in complex maps like Border, which demands a lot of careful planning and engagement.

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In essence, Nokk's stealth makes her a deadly opponent against other players who want to roam around and "check" out the enemy team. In turn, this tactic makes Nokk an unfortunate enemy to discover when other players are just initially scouting an area. Likewise, Nokk accomplishing the roam clear makes her end of the map open for her team to infiltrate.

6 Intercept Enemies For The Team

Think of Nokk as that backup that eliminates enemies for the team so they don't have to fight them. If players use drones as her Secondary Gadget, Nokk can easily secure corridors and spaces other players nonchalantly end up in on the way to other "valuable" positions. This ability makes Nokk quite an efficient backup, as she can eliminate enemies while they're en route to their supposed objective.

Likewise, if Nokk chases an enemy that will be roaming towards the team's position, the team may have time to escape and reposition after they eliminate the said roamer. This tactic can work in Oregon, which has tricky points to both Defend and Attack thanks to its plenty entry and exit points.

5 Take Note Of Anchors

Nokk players should pay close attention as to how they perform in the mid-game to the endgame of the match. Once roamers have been eliminated, Nokk faces a bit of a slump. After all, this time Nokk has to face Defenders that have secured themselves in anchor points. Moreover, Defenders can likely eliminate Nokk easily as they likely secured their places with cameras and traps — such as tight positions in the Bank map.

Defenders themselves also have better armor and range — things Nokk isn't built to take care of. At this stage, Nokk should try to help the party force Defenders to let their guard down — perhaps by distracting them with a well-placed charge. After all, a Defender looking in the wrong direction can be an invitation for an attack.

4 Wait For An Engagement

Sometimes, Nokk players eliminate roamers early on or even face anchored Defenders extremely early. Unfortunately, this situation can become disadvantageous to Nokk, even if she travels solo. However, in these cases, players shouldn't become trigger-happy and engage anchors alone. Unlike other tanky Defenders, Nokk isn't built to soak in damage. Instead, her low DPS output becomes deadly during incursions.

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Once Nokk identifies anchors in the map, she should wait for an engagement before she swoops in for the kill. A distracted Defender can't focus on Nokk if they have to counter stronger Attackers, which means Nokk's low damage output can stack up for a killing blow.

3 Secure The Endgame

New Nokk players would feel rather unacquainted with the idea that, despite her efficiency, Nokk has relatively low DPS. This caveat alone makes her unideal for hard encounters, especially after clearing roamers. However, this apparent "disadvantage" only happens after Nokk secures her objective as an opening gambit — which means she's already done her job.

Unlike other Operators, Nokk works best when securing the opening stages of the game. She disrupts roaming Defenders by eliminating them early on, enabling her teammates to secure the harder anchor points. Likewise, Nokk punishes Attackers by anticipating them in known vantage points.

2 Watch Out For Limitations

Unfortunately, despite her efficiency, Nokk does have limitations — especially for her HEL gadget. Players who recklessly use Nokk without understanding these caveats can put the team in jeopardy. For instance, Nokk loses her silence if she sprints, albeit visual benefits still remain. However, her invisibility "glitches" if she takes damage, fires weapons, or even performing actions (e.g., moving through Barbed Wire).

Moreover, Nokk affects cameras differently. For instance, Mozzie's hacked drones and Echo's Yokai drone can notice a border interference wave if Nokk (with HEL) is nearby. In addition, moving after being trampled by environmental debris also causes the glitch.

1 Understand Relationships With Counters

Moreover, Nokk players should understand her relationship with other Operators if fans want to achieve mastery of their skills. For instance, Nokk serves as a great counter for Alibi, as Nokk doesn't "glitch" if she walks or shoots through Alibi's Prisma projections.

In addition, aside from Echo and Mozzie's camera reveals, Lesion can also counter Nokk as removing the Gu Mine will give away Nokk to nearby cameras. Lastly, Pulse can detect Nokk with the Heartbeat Monitor, while Melusi can detect her silenced footsteps with Banshee.

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