PS5 Users Should Keep Activity Cards In Mind to Save Time

The PlayStation 5 is one of the biggest technological leaps that the industry has seen in generations, in large part thanks to its SSD. The upgraded hardware allows users to load into games far faster than previous consoles could, sometimes seeming nearly instantaneous. While that's a positive, there's a specific feature that seems to be going under-utilized, which some fans have been pointing out online.

Activity Cards are one of the best innovations of the PS5, though also one of the least talked about. Perhaps it's due to how hard it is to find a PS5, or simply because Activity Cards are located in a part of the UI that few users check, but it seems like almost nobody has praised the Activity Card feature since the console debuted over a year ago.

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The Pros of PS5's Activity Cards

It's a bit of a shame that Activity Cards are being underutilized. A recent post on Reddit from u/PaneerDevourer showed off the feature using Final Fantasy 7, expressing joy at how fast it is to get into a game from a cold boot thanks to the PlayStation 5's SSD and the Activity Cards feature. And it's true, within just a few seconds of tapping the Activity Card, PaneerDevourer was able to drop into Final Fantasy 7 and play around as Cloud.

Other games have similar applications. While most PS5 games are visually impressive, few are able to top Demon's Souls, which still stands as one of the most compelling reasons to own a PS5. Demon's Souls loads in mere seconds on the PS5, and from the Activity Card menu players can go from browsing the home screen to exploring Stonefang Tunnel in just a few button presses. It effectively allows players to skip through menus and other loading screens, a quality of life feature that has been underappreciated in the current climate.

The Xbox Series X Activity Card Alternative

Luckily, Xbox Series X users aren't left completely out to dry either. While the Xbox Series X doesn't have a 1-to-1 Activity Card alternative, it does have a solid suspend feature. The console allows players to keep five games in a suspended state, letting them instantly boot back to where they left off. It won't dive directly into an activity, but it some ways it's a better system.

Regardless, gamers should keep their eyes on the PS5 Activity Card system. It can save some time when first booting in through the system, allowing users to skip splash screens and menus. That extra time saved is more time that can be spent playing games, and that adds up over a console's life cycle.

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