Persona's Anniversary Announcements Have to End With Persona 6

Even as Atlus celebrates the Persona franchise's past with various anniversary events, the eyes of fans lie on Persona's future. Many wait with bated breath for a new Persona game announcement, and not just because the 25th anniversary celebration makes it possible. Atlus has confirmed that it's working on Persona 6 right now, meaning a reveal could happen any day now. Persona 6 is a mystery on the whole at the moment; Atlus hasn't confirmed any major gameplay concepts, possible release windows, or even the platforms that it'll be available on. At the moment, the possibilities for Persona 6 are endless.

Any Persona 6 reveal would be great, but Atlus would be particularly wise to bring the game to light by the end of Persona's 25th anniversary celebration. Not only would it make sense to hint at the next generation of games within the event, but the event itself could use the support. So far, Persona's anniversary event hasn't quite lived up to expectations. While it makes sense that Atlus' plans haven't been quite as extravagant as fans hoped, it still leaves a lot to be desired. A Persona 6 reveal, big or small, could massively help the event make up for its first impressions.

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The Persona Anniversary's Reception

When Atlus first launched the Persona anniversary's website, a long list of projects raised hopes that Altus had several new games in development for the year. In contrast, the true events have been pretty modest. Lots of the anniversary content has involved Persona merchandise and sales on the games, rather than new games themselves. For instance, Atlus recently announced a line of Persona-themed mouthwash inspired by the protagonists of several games. The new Persona merchandise spawned during the anniversary event is highly diverse, but it's a far cry from the games that fans wanted to see.

Because of this, the Persona anniversary has left a sour taste in the mouths of fans overall. 25 years is a major anniversary for any video game franchise to reach, so it stands to reason that Atlus would want to do something big, potentially releasing a new game as a part of the event. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax's port to current platforms seems like a halfway attempt at that, but as a spinoff that's already a few years old, it isn't quite as remarkable as a new game would be. At the moment, the 25th Persona anniversary celebration is poised to become more of a blot on the franchise's reputation than a warm memory.

That's why Persona 6 ought to rear its head in one form or another by the end of the event. In spite of all the modest events that have added up to the anniversary thus far, a Persona 6 reveal could give the entire event an incredibly strong ending that helps to make up for the event's current status as a letdown. Atlus hasn't shed much light on the current status of Persona 6, so it's hard to say what a reveal within 2022 could feasibly look like, but anything would be better than nothing.

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A Good Time for Persona 6

However much content Atlus reveals this year, any amount of Persona 6 content would be good. Ideally Atlus has had enough time to put together a gameplay trailer for fans to enjoy, offering an opportunity to gauge how Persona 6 builds on Persona 5's new ideas. It's possible that recent ports, remasters, and new games like Persona 5 Strikers have kept Atlus too busy to prepare Persona 6 gameplay for this year, however. Even in that case, though, Atlus may be able to arrange a cinematic trailer that provides some insight on Persona 6's plot and central themes.

Regardless of how the 25th anniversary event has gone, an anniversary is an ideal time to discuss the next generation of Persona. Notably, Persona 5 released during the 20th year of Persona's life, making it an excellent marker of a significant franchise birthday. While the odds of Persona 6 releasing before 2023 seem extremely low due to the lack of information about the game and Atlus' recent projects, it could at least follow in Persona 5's footsteps by giving Persona 6 some visibility and publicity.

The moment for a Persona 6 reveal is also right because major Persona 5 support seems to have wound down. Both Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Strikers released internationally a long time ago, and as far as fans can tell, there aren't any plans for other Persona 5 successors or spinoffs. If Atlus isn't going to reveal another game for the Persona 5 suite anytime soon, then it might as well start publicly focusing on Persona 6 as soon as it can. Persona 5 crossovers in other games may be ongoing, but Atlus can focus its own resources on Persona 6 now.

The Road Ahead of Persona

It's entirely possible that Atlus will surprise fans with an entirely new Persona project before the end of the anniversary. Persona 6 would be a strong way to wrap up the event, but so would Persona 5 Arena or some other unexpected Persona 5 successor. In general, it makes sense that Atlus is saving something special for the Persona anniversary's end just to end the year with a bang, but at the moment, Persona 6 is the most likely surprise, simply because Atlus has confirmed its development. Nothing is certain, but until Atlus deconfirms any near-future Persona 6 reveals, a Persona 6 trailer as the anniversary celebration's conclusion is plausible.

Regardless of the unexpected contents of the Persona anniversary celebration, Atlus has still done great things with the franchise in the last few years. The influx of fans brought on by Persona 5 sets Persona 6 up for serious success while creating more potential interest in Atlus' broader roster of Megami Tensei games. Persona's increasing availability on multiple platforms and its trends towards international releases also inspire optimism for bold action from Atlus in the future. Good things should lie ahead for the Persona franchise no matter how quiet the 25th anniversary celebration has been. Hopefully Persona 6 rears its head to act as a sign of that bright future.

Persona 6 is in development.

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