Overwatch Player Gets Trapped in the Spawn Room

Activision Blizzard released Overwatch way back in 2016, but the game remains popular to this day. One player recently shared an experience during an Overwatch match that left them trapped in the spawn room.

Reddit user RBC_Ante recently posted a clip of being trapped in an Overwatch spawn room after respawning during a match. The gamer was playing as Soldier 76 when they were trapped in the first spawn room of one of the original Overwatch maps used in the training mode. After realizing the doors were locked shut on them, Soldier 76 began opening fire on all of the props in the spawn room in frustration.

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Gamers who haven't played Overwatch may not know how a player would get stuck in a spawn room, but it happens once in a while. On Overwatch maps where the spawn room keeps moving due to an objective being pushed, the spawn point changes at certain intervals. This Soldier 76 got stuck within the spawn room of the training area as the damage-dealing hero.

After realizing they weren't getting anywhere as Soldier 76, RBC_Ante tried changing to Genji in order to be placed in an open spawn room. In many cases, this works but in RBC_Ante's case, the Genji was placed in the same glitched Overwatch spawn room. RBC_Ante only lost 17% of Soldier 76's ultimate charge, but being locked in the spawn room still left their team at a disadvantage.

Several Reddit fans took RBC_Ante's post as an opportunity to poke fun at Soldier 76. One suggested that the old Overwatch hero was in detention, another claimed that Overwatch is taking quarantining to new levels, and another called the character Prisoner 76. RBC_Ante claimed that they got past the bug by leaving and returning to the range.

While several Reddit users made fun of RBC_Ante's spawn room situation, some confirmed that it's just a bug that several Overwatch players have experienced. In most cases, gamers have to leave the match in order to circumvent this bug. Because this bug affects winners and losers alike, it can be frustrating for players to have to leave a match due to this spawn room issue.

One Reddit user took to RBC_Ante's post to recommend that Activision Blizzard implement this spawn room bug as a punishment for players who desert competitive matches. Other Overwatch fans contributed their own twist to this punishment, pushing for the addition of mundane tasks to complete and awful background music. They argued over how long competitive deserters should be punished, with one suggesting thirty minutes and another recommending ten in-game minutes.

Overwatch is available right now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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