Why Overwatch's Mercy is Such a Popular Character

While Overwatch has some of the best hero shooter gameplay around, even more of its success can be attributed to its roster of characters. From the edgy Reaper to the game’s mascot Tracer, there are plenty of heroes that stand out, with each making a large or small contribution to the overall story. With characters from all around the world able to be chosen as well, much of the cast represents people from different countries — allowing the characters to resonate even more with fans.

While there are many lovable characters on the Overwatch roster, few can match the adoration received by the Support hero Mercy. While she may not be on the cover art for the game or appear in many Animated Shorts, Mercy has still taken the world by storm. The Swiss medic’s popularity can be attributed to a few specific things, with the sum of these parts being an instantly recognizable character that has only grown more popular over time.

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Mercy’s Personality And Relationships

One major role in the popularity of Mercy is her actual personality. While she is kind and caring, she has clearly been through a lot, and her experience shows in pre-match conversations and Overwatch’s comic book stories. Further, while Mercy is a nice person, her generosity only goes so far. Often heard feuding with villainous heroes like Moira and openly questioning the methods of fellow Overwatch member Ana, Mercy has an edge to her that makes her a deeper character. Voice actress Lucie Pohl perfectly captures every bit of Mercy’s personality, bringing her to life in-game.

Alongside Mercy’s memorable attitude, her relationships with the rest of the cast have helped propel her to new heights. One of the original Overwatch members, her closeness with Reinhardt, Tracer, Torbjorn, and Soldier 76 is well-documented. While these dynamics are all fun to see play out, it is her bond with the Damage hero Genji that has really put the character on the map. Responsible for his resurrection and transformation into the Cyborg Ninja he is today, the two can be heard flirting in several voice lines. With adorable conversations like the one that sees the two exchanging chocolates for Valentine’s Day, this budding romance has been plenty of fun for fans to watch.

Mercy’s Design And Abilities

Another obvious aspect of Mercy’s popularity is her character design. While the concept of an angelic healer with wings, a staff, and a halo is a bit on the nose, Blizzard managed to make the design seem practical. Beyond that, plenty of fun alternate looks have been provided for Mercy, as both official additions and fan-made skin concepts for the character have proven to be some of the best yet. Beyond that, Mercy is one of the heroes with the most cosplay potential, with several incredible Mercy cosplays appearing over the years.

Beyond that, Mercy has the most welcoming set of skills in the entire game. While she does take lots of time and practice to truly master and make the most out of, she is also the easiest hero to play for newcomers looking to support their team. As such, many members of the Overwatch fan base have spent at least some time healing, boosting, and resurrecting teammates, giving many a reason to be attached to the character. Responsible for welcoming many gamers into the world of Overwatch, the simplicity of Mercy’s kit is one of her biggest strengths.

Finally, Mercy was playable from launch day, ensuring that fans have seen the character in their games for almost five years now. Near launch, her resurrection Ultimate ensured that she was a must-pick hero, with the ability seeing her bring an entire team back to life and restart team fights. While Mercy was reworked like other heroes, as this was too powerful of a skill for her to have, those that played the game in its earliest stages know how powerful Mercy used to be. When combining her abilities, visual style, and personality, it becomes easy to see why Mercy is one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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