Best Features Of The Nintendo Switch OLED

There were rumors for the longest time that Nintendo was developing a new Switch model. Many of these whispers pointing to it being 4K compatible. It seemed like it was going to be the equivalent of the pro models of the last-gen competition. To the dismay of many fans, that news never came to E3. A couple of weeks later Nintendo did reveal the OLED version of the Switch which was also met with a little bit of resistance.

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On the surface, it didn’t seem like the remodel improved that much dramatically over the original model. For $350, is getting this new version worth it? There are a lot of caveats to the positives the OLED Switch l has so let’s run through them all. As an extra buying tip, upgrading to the new model and then bequeathing the old Switch to a friend or loved one is a plus too.

6 The OLED Screen

The screen is the most impressive thing about the new Switch model. The advertisement is in the name itself: OLED. For those unaware of what’s so special about OLED screens, the basic thing to remember is that they show black colors in their truest form. OLED screens also have glare resistance so it’s easier to play in a variety of environments.

The screen is also bigger vertically at 7” as compared to the 6.2” screen of the original Switch models. It’s hard to tell the difference but it is there. The only downside is that the screen is still only 720p, but everything does look better. Now the Switch really is like the PS Vita 2.0 just like the jokes have been saying for years.

5 The Redesigned Dock

The OLED Switch’s dock also got redesigned. The packaging is a lot sleeker and feels better built but also light at the same time. Docking the Switch provides it with more room so users don’t have to worry about scratching their screens any longer. There are still two USB ports on the side of the dock but the third one in the back has been replaced.

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OLED owners can hook up an internet cable into the system to help improve download speeds. The original model did support this feature as well but people had to buy an extra dongle to do it. One of the downsides of this remodel is that docking the Switch still only results in 1080p feedback. Every improvement is pretty much on the handheld itself.

4 More Internal Storage

The new OLED model of the Switch still supports SD cards but now the memory has been improved. It has doubled in size going from 32GB to 64GB. Compared to the modern consoles or even the last-gen models, that is pretty small. The plus side is that Switch games are smaller so 64GB can go a long way depending on what gamers are playing.

64GBs can potentially feel like 500GBs when using the Switch. For example, players can load the system up with tons of indie games and not have to worry about getting an SD card for a while. It’s still recommended to get one though. The bigger the better because nobody knows when a game like Fire Emblem: Three Houses will come out that has a huge file size.

3 The Joy-Cons Feel Better

The Joy-Cons are new but also aren’t. They function and look the same as all other configurations minus the white color. For those that opt to buy the white model as a way to enter the Switch family, the Joy-Cons' color will be the most obvious difference. Something about them does feel more sturdy though and smoother.

The buttons and analog sticks have better feedback. After rigorous testing, there doesn’t appear to be any drift either, but it is too early to say that definitely as Joy-Con drift can take a while to appear sometimes. Early feedback so far is good though.

2 The Kickstand

Besides the screen, the kickstand is the other stand-out feature. The original Switch’s kickstand was not great. It was the butt of many jokes and memes. While it technically worked, it was very easy to knock over the console or to break to kickstand off.

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The new kickstand is almost the entire width of the console. It’s massive and a lot more sturdy as well. Playing around with the Switch in this kickstand mode was like experiencing the promise made by Nintendo in 2017. The one downside is that the side ejector for the SD card is now more cumbersome to get to.

1 Much Quieter

The new OLED model is quieter too. Like the Joy-Con drift, this console may eventually become as loud as the older models. Right now it is whisper quiet. It all depends on the games played though but after testing out some of the bigger beasts, it still sounds good.

Most new consoles will eventually succumb to the wear and tear like dust getting in the vents. Thankfully storing the Switch is very easy compared to the massive size of the other consoles out there. This is still a handheld at its core. Who knows when the next console will come out. It could be 2022, 2023, or somewhere even further. Protect that OLED screen at all costs because it might be a while before Nintendo tries something like this again.

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