Netflix Ceases Services on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

With the Switch continuing to be Nintendo's headline act, it leaves the other consoles that came before it slowly phasing out of production and usage. But even with the Wii U and 3DS being replaced by the Switch, there are still some fans of these consoles and the games that had came on them. However, the popular streaming service Netflix will no longer be usable on these consoles.

Since the 3DS is a portable console, it allows for users to play any game on the go, but some dedicated applications were also available for use. This includes its own web browser, YouTube, and Netflix apps. All of these allowed for a multi-purpose console that Nintendo fans took advantage of, being able to watch shows based on their favorite franchise like the critically acclaimed Castlevania animated series. However, Netflix began to slowly phase out its services on the 3DS and Wii U. This started when the app was removed from Nintendo's eShop last year in December, with services being discontinued on June 30th.

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Some would say that both these consoles are becoming antiquated, with the Wii U selling poorly and the 3DS now 10 years old this year. Others would say that this was inevitable and that some services would cease their support on dated technology. The official announcement went up on Nintendo of America's support site, with the news reaching Twitter. Some users shared some nostalgic times of using the streaming service on these consoles noting the novelty of the time and lamenting that they can no longer use Netflix on Nintendo consoles.

Even with Netflix no longer available on the consoles, there's still gaming content that is currently only available on the 3DS and Wii U. With this discontinuation, some speculate that other titles might disappear from these consoles' digital storefronts. Some of these include hard to obtain games, like the Metroid Prime Trilogy, a port of the original Metroid Prime games from the GameCube and Wii. Some speculate that it would be possible that the storefront might disappear entirely in a few years.

With this service now no longer on any Nintendo platform, some fans are wondering if it would be possible that Netflix could be brought over to the Nintendo Switch. The console has been a major success for Nintendo, where it has managed to outsell some of the best selling ones of all time. Some fans believe with the number of Switch consoles that have been sold, it would benefit Netflix to bring its services over to the Switch. This stance is supported by fans, due to the console's portability like the 3DS, along with having a diverse game library that continues to grow.

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Source: Nintendo of America

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