Will There Be A Moon Knight Season 2?

The following article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 6.

After six weeks of suspense and adventure, Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight has come to an end. The finale answered many fan questions, revealed a new superhero, offered closure on Ammit’s story, and introduced comic book fans to the final alter ego of Oscar Isaac’s titular character. While it might seem like this is the last that fans will see of Marc Spector’s multiple personalities, is it truly the end? The evidence does not seem to add up.

As part of the finale episode of Moon Knight, Marvel introduced fans to Jake Lockley, the missing piece of the puzzle. In the comics, Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and one of his alter egos is the cab driver Jake Lockley. Ever since Moon Knight premiered on Disney Plus, comic book fans had been questioning whether Lockley would be a part of the series. There were hints of his presence in episode 3, but he only truly appears in the season finale, which is what Marvel is now referring to the latest episode as. It only seems logical to bring him back for more.

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To promote the finale of Moon Knight, Marvel released a trailer earlier this week. The studio took to social media and encouraged fans to tune in to Disney Plus. While sharing the trailer for the finale, the studio wrote, “This Wednesday, experience the epic series finale of Marvel Studios’ @MoonKnight.” Just a few minutes later, the post was removed and replaced with another that referred to the episode as a “season finale” instead. The same was spotted by keen-eyed fans when the studio shared a teaser the day before the episode premiered. “Experience the epic conclusion tonight. Stream the season finale of Marvel Studios’ @MoonKnight on @DisneyPlus,” read the edited tweet.

Referring to the episode as a “season finale” changes things, and makes it less ultimate. The studio doesn’t do anything accidentally, and each tweet is well thought out. So, why the change? Fans are convinced that it could only mean one thing, another season of Moon Knight. It was initially announced that the six-episode miniseries would narrate the story of Spector and his alter egos, and how the character journeys through the chaos. However, the series has been receiving positive reviews, from both fans and critics, and seems like a perfect candidate for renewal.

The season finale also sets it up perfectly for another season. The cliffhanger that appears as part of the mid-credits scene has left fans asking for more of one of the latest heroes to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Spector refuses to kill Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, even after Ammit’s soul has been captured in his body, it seems like Khonshu’s avatar has served his purpose and is now free to go. However, the series offers the perfect answer to the climax in the form of Lockley.

Khonshu wasn’t seeking another avatar throughout Moon Knight, but was instead hiding a big secret from Spector all along. Comic book fans had already guessed what it was, but the season finale officially introduced Lockley as the third alter ego of the protagonist. In the asylum, where Harrow plays the role of Spector’s doctor, is when fans first meet him. As part of the previous episode, fans watched Spector journey through the asylum, meet the goddess Taweret, and find balance in his afterlife. However, in one scene, he still seems a little confused about the time lost. It is neither Spector nor Steven Grant, the mild-mannered gift shop employee, who are in possession of the body at that moment.

The Moon Knight finale explains that scene and fans see Lockley conversing with Harrow in his asylum office. What’s interesting to note in this particular scene is that Lockley also talks to Grant, and the latter is aware of his presence. Suddenly the antagonist’s feet begin to bleed, a callback to the first episode of the series when Harrow is seen filling his slippers with pieces of broken glass. “I don’t think you know as much as you think you do,” Grant is heard saying to Harrow, which is not just a revelation for him but also for fans.

While Grant repeatedly tells Spector he doesn’t know what happens during the moments he blacks out, it seems like the gift-shop employee is in fact aware of Lockley and his violent ways. In episode 3 of Moon Knight, when Spector is fighting some thugs on the streets of Cairo, he loses consciousness for a moment and wakes up to find them all slaughtered. He asks Grant if it was him who was responsible for the massacre, but the latter denies it and acts innocent. In the season finale, when Spector is almost defeated at the hands of Harrow, he similarly blacks out, and returns to find the villain defeated at his hands. After watching his interaction with Lockley in the finale, it seems like Grant did in fact know what happened during both fights. Could Lockley be Grant’s manifestation?

With Spector being unaware of Lockley’s presence, he is the perfect candidate for Khonshu, who continues to use Spector’s body as the “vessel” for his avatar. And it seems like Lockley will go to any extent to serve his master, as he does not even hesitate before killing Harrow in cold blood. With Marvel referring to the episode as a season finale, and the introduction of Lockley as Khonshu’s latest avatar, it only seems likely that another season of Moon Knight will be announced soon.

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney Plus.

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