Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan Notices Awesome Details About Doc Ock’s Lab

Despite the game releasing all the way back in 2018, some Marvel’s Spider-Man fans are still coming across things they didn’t notice. In fact, certain Marvel’s Spider-Man details are so well-hidden that players who have gone through the game several times are just now picking up on them.

Previously, Marvel’s Spider-Man fans have spotted some incredibly cool things, such as an easily missable conversation between Aunt May and Peter Parker. Other neat discoveries have seen players stumbling upon a fun bit of MJ dialogue in the art gallery or spotting Taskmaster watching Spidey during his challenges. However, the coolest discoveries are those that are mostly unknown, and a recent find from Reddit user Razkal719 falls into this category.

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Much like the Doc Ock photo mode detail, this discovery took place inside of Otto’s lab. As mentioned in the post’s title, the Redditor has completed the game an impressive amount of times, with five runs on the original PS4 version and four more playthroughs on the PS5 copy of the game. It was only on their most recent playthrough that they started to realize the details of Doc Ock’s lab, with the location originally being a vehicle repair shop.

In the clip, the Redditor points out a few rollup garage doors as well as a car lift and service pit. Clearly, this is a repurposed building and is not meant to be a lab, something that further illustrates Otto’s situation. As pointed out during the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man, funding for Otto’s prosthetic experiments is limited, forcing him to take out loans and work with shady organizations like AIM. Having him work in a car repair shop as opposed to a proper lab is a great touch by Insomniac, as it adds to this part of the plot.

However, the neat aspect of the repurposed car shop is that the outside of the building matches the inside. The same doors the Redditor pointed out within the lab’s interior can be spotted on the exterior of the building, showcasing Insomniac’s eye for detail. The Redditor also points out that, since Peter Parker enters from above and the lab is on the first floor, he is actually changing out of his suit while on the stairs. This makes perfect sense, as getting out of the suit while at the top of a staircase is a lot less risky and makes it unlikely for Peter to be caught.

The post has done well on Reddit, bringing in over 3,500 upvotes and fun comments referring to Peter’s boss as “Auto Octavius.” While learning that Peter is careful enough to get changed on a staircase will likely not impact how players view the game, these small details are still a lot of fun and showcase how much Insomniac Games cares about Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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