Lost Ark is Steam's Number 2 Most Played Game Now

Following the official launch of Lost Ark on February 11, the MMO has gone on to become one of the most-played games of all time on Steam. In under 4 days, Lost Ark has racked up over a million concurrent players, and with promising content in the works, that number looks set to grow.

SteamDB, an online tool for calculating player counts in Steam games, revealed impressive information about the MMO Lost Ark. The game now has an all-time peak of 1,325,305 concurrent players. With such an impressive player count, it's no surprise that the game has landed itself in the position of the second most-played game of all time on Steam. However, not everyone is convince, and popular streamer Dr Disrespect explained why he isn't interested in playing Lost Ark.

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Lost Ark is the latest MMO to be published by Amazon Games and comes from developers Smilegate and Tripod Studio. The game met with significant hype upon its American and European release. Following on from Amazon Games' New World, which also garnered an impressive player count but struggled to retain its player base, Lost Ark represents a much improved entry to the MMO market than their previous attempt. The launch has been a massive success, with fans of the genre abuzz with excitement for the new experience, and the Steam sales are racking up. Although, not everything about the release was smooth. The Lost Ark server launch was delayed due to a missing character issue. However, players are being offered 3 days of Crystalline Aura to apologize for the issues.

This accomplishment might have been anticipated by many fans of Lost Ark. Even before the games' western hemisphere launch, Lost Ark topped 500,000 players on Steam. However, for Lost Ark to become the most-played game on Steam, it will have to steal the top spot from PUBG, which boasts an incredible 3,257,248 players at the games' all-time peak.

With so many players online, fans are quickly deciphering exactly which Lost Ark classes are the best classes for PVP. This isn't the only impact of such an impressive player count, as queue times are growing longer for players. Developer Smilegate has decided to give players gifts if they are willing to change to less populated servers to relieve the pressure.

Lost Ark is available now, in all regions, on PC.

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Source: SteamDB

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