Lost Ark is Getting Its Own Battle Pass

Lost Ark, the South Korean MMOARPG, has proven to be a massive success since its launch in the west in February. Much of its success is driven by its availability as a free-to-play game, which in turn demands a healthy balance of monetization and content. Now that Lost Ark has been available for a couple of months, Amazon appears ready to further explore this monetization balance. In Lost Ark's April Update, it's introducing what it's dubbed the Ark Pass.

Battle passes should be more than familiar to online gamers by now. They've become one of the de facto systems for monetization in free-to-play games, accepted in large part because they reward players for playing the game. The Lost Ark Ark Pass is no different. It will feature 30 levels for players to progress through by completing missions. Each level earned will come with a reward, and more rewards will be available for those who pay for the premium version of the pass.

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The Ark Pass will come with two premium levels, but will otherwise be available for free to all players. The Premium Pass, which costs 1,500 in-game Royal Crystals, provides additional rewards on top of the standard free rewards for each level. Example rewards include honing material selection chests, gems, rapport chests, and a VertusPet. The Super Premium Pass costs 3,000 Royal Crystals and adds a set of Noble Banquet skins, as well as some legendary rapport chests for players to earn.

Lost Ark players can begin making progress in the Ark Pass starting today with the arrival of the April Update. The Premium and Super Premium Passes will be available in the in-game store starting today, as well. Those premium pass offerings will remain available to purchase through June 18, but progress can continue to be earned through July 14.

There are obviously some concerns from Lost Ark players regarding the new Ark Pass. The addition of even more monetization to Lost Ark deserves to be questioned, as players evaluate whether the new monetization will impact their experience in-game for the worse. In this case, offering free rewards for playing the game may soften the blow.

The April Update for Lost Ark is packed with plenty more content beyond the Ark Pass, of course. Additions include the Glaivier advanced class, the continent of South Vern, the Feiton Powerpass and Express Mission events, new premium offerings in the store, new daily log-in rewards, and more. Expect further updates month to month through the spring and summer.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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