League of Legends Charity Skin Raises $7 Million

League of Legends players have been purchasing the Elderwood Ornn 2020 Charity Skin in the game's store since it was added last December, raising a lot of money in the process. The recent skin was available until January 11, and the League of Legends community managed to raise over $7 million USD in that limited time.

All of the proceeds donated by the community go toward the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, which promotes equality in education, opportunity, and global citizenship, among other causes. It is happening in partnership with ImpactAssets, which purportedly gives donors like Riot Games the ability to make the most out of the donated dollars in order to optimize its impact.

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The League of Legends community came together to set a new record with the Elderwood Ornn Charity Skin, as the $7 million raised exceeded the previous $6 million record set by Dawnbringer Karma. Riot Games recently made a statement to its community expressing how humbled the team is to have raised so much money this time around.

The Riot Games Social Impact Fund looks to create positive social changes through a wide variety of organizations with the help of the League of Legends community. It also aims to solve meaningful problems for Riot Games' communities while "pursuing bold ideas and prioritizing equality for the disadvantaged," according to the official Riot Games Social Impact Fund website.

Players from around the world have raised millions of dollars for The Riot Games Social Impact Fund since its inception in late 2019. This year's charity skin also came bundled with all associated chromas, two exclusive emotes ("Oh Well" and "Unkillable King"), along with a new border icon and Playful Pup Emote which was purchasable for 7,885 RP (around $50).

The Elderwood Ornn Charity Skin was purchasable on its own in the League of Legends Store for 1,350 RP, which results in around $10 being donated to The Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Rough estimates show that the $7 million raised came from around three-quarters of a million members of the community.

"Thank you all so much for continuing to support highly impactful organizations around the world," said Riot Games in a community post. "We hope you’ll join us again in this year’s charity fundraiser, so we can continue to build a better world together."

Separate from Riot Games itself, The Riot Games Social Impact Fund makes direct investments to an array of global organizations that are looking to solve "some of the world’s most pressing issues." The $7 million should help ensure that the League of Legends community and Riot Games can make a difference.

League of Legends is available now for PC.

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Source: Riot Games

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