Kojima Productions, Ubisoft Among Studios That Will Support Intel XeSS Upscaling

Intel is poised and ready to launch its own brand of graphics cards to the laptop and desktop PC market. With the Arc "Alchemist" GPU allegedly coming either Q1 or Q2 of this year, the graphics industry is keeping all eyes on the newcomers, with some saying it may be able to take on the likes of Nvidia. While the hardware itself is key to succeeding, there's also one other aspect that the tech giant needs to hit the ground running with, image upscaling. This is an important part of the current graphics card era, something the company needs to take seriously, and it looks as though numerous studios are already on board.

Called Xe Super Sampling, or XeSS, Intel is looking to challenge other upscaling algorithms from its competitors, and a recent leaked press release outlines some of the big names that are going to be supporting it. According to a report from Videocardz, a number of companies will be opting in for XeSS, including such giants as Ubisoft, PUBG Studios, Kojima Productions, 505 Games, and Codemasters. The document says that these, as well as others, will be "committed to supporting" the technology.

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While this is considered just a leak from an anonymous source, the report does say that the information lines up with rumors that were doing the rounds. Perhaps the most interesting thing in the press release is the mention of Death Stranding Director's Cut coming to PC. This is just a small quote from 505 Games president, Neil Ralley, in which they say that the company is "excited" about how Intel's XeSS upscaling technology will "enhance" the player experience in the Kojima Production title. At the time of writing, there has been no official word from 505 Games or Ralley about whether this information is indeed accurate.

For those who are unaware, graphical upscaling is pretty much an industry standard in video games these days, especially among AAA title. Nvidia's own version is Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, while AMD has Fidelity FX Super Resolution, or FSR. In basic terms, it works by redrawing pixels so-screen to give games greater quality visuals that are akin to native higher resolution.

It seems that, currently, there are some influential names putting their names down to support Intel and its XeSS technology. There are many who are interested to know how the company will fare in the GPU market, especially given that there's still a chip shortage which could be ongoing until 2023.

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Source: Videocardz

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