Karen Gillan's Sinister Christmas Sweater Tops Off Her Perfect Night In

Some celebrities are just like real people while others are Jared Leto. Luckily for fans, Karen Gillan is the former. The star from high profile hits like Doctor Who and the Avengers films recently took British Vogue on a tour of her home to walk viewers through what she calls her "perfect night in," and aside from the vintage Steinway (spoilers), it's almost comforting to see how relatable she comes across.

"Oh hey, Vogue. I didn't see you there," she began, spinning around in her chair with an ax, as one does. Taking a voiceless camera operator through her "humble abode" (her words), Gillan exuded excitement as she showed off her various oddities and forms of escapism. While picking up various pieces of memorabilia in her writing room like a puppet of her character Nebula from the Avengers movies, her giddy sense of humor was on full display, proving just why she tends to be so likable in her roles.

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Little moments like her detailing of how she apparently pronounces Cher's name wrong (saying it like "sure") expand on that feeling. "I know that 'Sure' pronounces it 'Cher,' but she's also wrong." But some of the real charm in the video comes from exploring Gillan's home and marveling at how it all feels somehow familiar (though still very much a rich person's dwelling). Sure (Cher), it's most likely heavily curated so viewers only see what Gillan and Vogue want them to see, but it's certainly a welcome change from typical big-name celebrities bragging about their solid gold Humvees and diamond-studded swimming pools (that's what they have, right?).

Moving on from her writing room, Gillan then proudly displayed her vintage Steinway piano, saying it had been one of her biggest life goals to own one. She seemed rather adept at playing it as well, which might have come as a pleasant surprise to some fans. After poking around the piano room to show off a few other tidbits like her Jumanji board game (which she'd had since before she was even part of the movies), the focus shifted to the tail end of Gillan's perfect night in.

Clad in pajamas and reclining on the couch yelling at the TV, Gillan gave the most compelling evidence in favor of proving celebrities are just like regular folks. Considering how many viewers may be in this exact position while watching the video (or writing an article, purely as an example), this is likely where she connected most with her fans. Part of that connection may have been lost as she then transitioned to her wardrobe, but the contents of it certainly appeared more sentimental than extravagant. She excitedly rummaged through and took out some of her favorite pieces, from one of the first outfits she bought after moving to London at 17, to a rugged jacket that apparently all Scottish girls need to "walk around in the fields," to a previously charming Christmas sweater (or jumper) which has turned rather sinister from the ravages of time.

Finally ending on her nightly skincare routine (a sensible application of aloe vera), Gillan wound down the tour and bid Vogue and the fans farewell, leaving viewers to click away as she presumably retired to her couch to shout Scottish things at reality shows. Thus ended the tale of Karen Gillan and the perfect night in. Maybe it gave viewers some ideas of their own. Or maybe it made those same fans want an ax. Probably both, to be honest.

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Source: British Vogue/YouTube

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