Frost Queen Cookie Toppings - Cookie Run Kingdom

The Frost Queen is a new Legendary Cookie recently added to Cookie Run Kingdom. She is part of the “Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow” update (CRK game version 2.4.002) and is the second playable Legendary Cookie in the game. A middle-positioned, magic-based Cookie, Frost Queen uses her ice magic Freezing Squall skill to dominate the battlefield. Of course, toppings are really important for any playable Cookie, and in this Frost Queen Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom guide, we will see which are the best toppings for Frost Queen Cookie.

Frost Queen Cookie Toppings - Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings for Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Frost Queen’s in-game description reveals a lot about her: “Somewhere amidst endless snow stands the lone castle of ice. In its halls of perpetual twilight dwells Frost Queen Cookie, the sovereign of winter itself. Like a fairytale queen, she dazzles with regal magnificence, yet her icy gaze leaves your soul cold and dreary, like tundra after a relentless blizzard. Her Cookie heart with all its mortal hopes and passions is long but frozen, all but one: her adamant will to accomplish her mission. A mission of utmost importance to the existence of the world. Ages might pass, but the castle of ice will remain: and so will Frost Queen Cookie, the guide for the myriads of Life-bearing snowflakes.”

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