Rockstar Games Reveals Grand Theft Auto Online Story DLC The Contract

Rockstar games stayed true to its word nearly 8 years after the fact, as it has finally released a new story-focused DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online. It isn't exactly what players were hoping for, though, as many fans would have preferred a story DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5. However, the newest update for Grand Theft Auto Online might just be even better.

Grand Theft Auto Online's player base has been up and down over the years, although this was to be expected, considering that the game was released 8 years ago. Rockstar attempted to combat this by offering players incentives to play the game throughout its life cycle. On Black Friday, Grand Theft Auto Online offered players a $500k login bonus, as well as offering many of the game's vehicles for 50% off. This was a difficult offer to pass up when one considers how long it takes to earn in-game currency in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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Rockstar has stepped up its game massively this time around, as its newly announced story-focused DLC, called The Contract, is the type of content that fans have been asking for for years. Many players will also be excited to hear that two world-famous artists in Dr. Dre and Anderson .Paak are featured in the DLC. The Contract centers around one of the main protagonists from Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin Clinton, and his celebrity solutions agency, which helps Vinewood's high rollers deal with their high-society problems.

Rockstar seems to be making a big push to bring the game back to life, as PS Plus subscribers receive $1 million per month in Grand Theft Auto Online. This is an amazing offer considering the price of Shark cards, and may make many players reconsider their choice of platform if they decide to boot up Grand Theft Auto Online again.

Late last month, a leaker known as Tez2 detailed that the new Grand Theft Auto Online update would be known as "Fixers". While this information was not exactly correct, Tez2 did accurately predict that Dr. Dre would feature in the game.

While Grand Theft Auto Online may lose some music due to licensing issues, hopefully, the inclusion of some new Dr. Dre tracks will round out the game's playlist. Fans' hopes for the DLC are at an all-time high, so all eyes will be on Rockstar to see if it delivers on the hype.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now.

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