Tokyo Will Be a Great Game Pass Title

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a game that's in a unique position. Firstly, it's a horror game that garnered a lot of attention thanks to the success of developer Tango Gameworks' previous games – namely, the two Evil Within titles. When the developer first announced Ghostwire: Tokyo back in 2019, it was to be released as a timed PlayStation console exclusive, with the game also dropping on PC at launch. Secondly, gamers could technically consider the game a Microsoft first-party game since the studio Tango Gameworks is currently a part of Xbox Game Studios.

But as game publisher Bethesda signed a timed-exclusivity deal with Sony, Xbox players won't be able to play Ghostwire: Tokyo until March 26, 2023, at the earliest – unless they buy the game on PC. Although Bethesda and the ZeniMax family of companies are now under Microsoft, the game's publisher made the exclusivity deal before said acquisition. It seems highly likely that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be on Game Pass as soon as it releases on Xbox, which is definitely a great move for Microsoft to make.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Will Be Great on Game Pass

Since Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media in March 2021, merging it into the Xbox Game Studios family, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks are considered entities of Microsoft. But, again, the exclusivity rights of Ghostwire: Tokyo were signed before the acquisition. The game would become a full-fledged, first-party Microsoft game when the deal expires next year and probably will be automatically included within its Game Pass library.

One of the great things about Game Pass is that video game lovers can enjoy an array of titles without the commitment of a hefty price tag for each game, especially those of the AAA variety. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an excellent title for Microsoft to add to the library, particularly at launch on the Xbox system for this reason. Although Ghostwire: Tokyo has had mixed reviews since its release, it is still a highly recommended experience purely due to the game's unique nature.

Ghostwire: Tokyo deems itself a horror game unlike any other – and for the most part, this description does hold up. Tango Gameworks knows how to work a horror game effectively – as it's the studio's bread and butter. In fact, Ghostwire: Tokyo was initially pitched as the third installment to The Evil Within before its writers decided to make it its own title. There is a creepiness to this game that adds to the horror, without the need for jump-scares – from its setting in an ethereal Tokyo to the enemies players will face.

Since its release in March, there are quite a few fixes that Ghostwire: Tokyo needs to sort out. Things like out-of-sync English dubbing, slow skill tree progression, story pacing, and game crashes are all issues PlayStation and PC players currently suffer. By the time it releases for Xbox (and hopefully, Game Pass), these bugs and issues should be sorted out, allowing Xbox players to enjoy a more polished experience than their PlayStation or PC brethren.

Xbox players will also have the privilege of Ghostwire: Tokyo beginner guides that will also help create a smoother gameplay experience. The option of these guides can help ease players into the game's complexities and give them a head start that others might not have – leading to a better experience. A more refined version of the game entering into the Game Pass library as soon as the exclusivity deal expires could only benefit Tango Gameworks and its future game endeavors.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

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