Should You Pull For Ganyu Or Xiao?

Genshin Impact 2.4 will not feature just one or two reruns, but three. Shenhe is the new 5-star character, while Zhongli, Ganyu, and Xiao are the re-run banners. Getting Zhongli is the obvious move, but many Genshin Impact players aren't sure whether they should go for Xiao or Ganyu instead.

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Both characters were released around one year ago, with Ganyu available in 1.2 and Xiao one update later. It's clear that fans have waited enough for these powerful Genshin Impact units to come back. There are some factors that should be considered when deciding between Ganyu or Xiao. Here's a quick overview of both characters.

Ganyu Or Xiao In Genshin Impact

There are a few important things players should assess if they're unable to decide between Ganyu or Xiao in Genshin Impact. Here, players can see the comparison of the two units in terms of:


In terms of weapons, Ganyu is far more F2P friendly compared to Xiao. The Qilin works greatly with the forgeable bow, Prototype Crescent. Meanwhile, Xiao can temporarily use Prototype Starglitter, but this weapon is far from optimal for him. However, both units perform brilliantly with Paimon's Shop Blackcliff Weapons.

Each character's best-in-slot weapons are obtainable via the Weapon and Standard Banner. While the chance to get a desired 5-star item from the Standard Banner is very low, players still have a chance to accidentally get the equipment they need.

Xiao's best Polearm is the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. As for Ganyu, she shines brightest with Amos' Bow.


Usually, Genshin Impact releases a specific artifact set for the newest 5-star character. Sadly, this didn't happen with Xiao. Even one year later, his best equipment is still 2-Gladiator's Finale (or Shimenawa's Reminiscence) + 2-Viridescent Venerer.

Meanwhile, Ganyu will work with several options. Players can use four pieces of Wanderer's Troupe, Blizzard Strayer, or Shimenawa's Reminiscence.

Play Style

Both Ganyu and Xiao shine when it comes to AOE damage. Ganyu's Frostflake Bloom (created by her Charged Attack) will deal massive damage while covering a decent area. Xiao's AOE is larger than Ganyu's, but is restricted by his Elemental Burst. Players have to ensure his Yaksha state is active before spamming his deadly Plunge Attacks.

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When it comes to play style, it's no wonder Ganyu is called "brain-dead." All players have to do is aim her Charged Attack, and wait until her Frostflake Bloom is ready to be launched. Meanwhile, with Xiao, people have to maintain proper party rotation. Otherwise, they'll find Xiao incapable of regaining his Elemental Burst.

Therefore, if players are aiming for simplicity, then Ganyu is the easier character. But if they're aiming for more action in battle and a bit more challenge, then Xiao would be more satisfying to play.

Character Roles

There are a few roles available in Genshin Impact. These include main DPS, sub-DPS, and support. Between the available three, Xiao can only fit as a main DPS, making him the less versatile choice. He's ultra selfish when his Elemental Burst is active, and when it ends, the party should be made to cater to his needs.

Ganyu is the complete opposite, as she can fit any of the three roles easily. As a sub-DPS, the Qilin can offer non-stop AOE Cryo damage. In the support role, Ganyu works as a Cryo enabler and battery. While players are highly recommended to use her as a main DPS, Ganyu is far more flexible compared to Xiao.

Team Compositions

Xiao is highly reliant on his Elemental Burst, so players should focus on ensuring that this ability remains constantly available. For this, the Yaksha desperately needs a battery on the team. A battery in Genshin Impact is a unit that can generate a lot of Elemental Particles. For Xiao, the options include Sucrose, Kazuha, Jean, or Anemo Traveler. In addition to a battery, he also needs a healer. This is because when his Elemental Burst is active, Xiao will constantly lose HP.

Meanwhile, Ganyu can play solo without any specific teammates. However, of course, some units can help enhance her capabilities. For example, players will find it a major help to have Ganyu shielded. This way, players won't get interrupted when the Qilin is charging her attacks. Other than that, a second Cryo unit will increase Ganyu's Critical Rate by 15%.

What both Ganyu and Xiao have in common is that they don't rely on Elemental Reactions. As an Anemo unit, Xiao can only do Swirl reactions, something he doesn't have to focus on. With Ganyu, players can opt for a perma-freeze team, but this isn't mandatory.

Verdict: Ganyu or Xiao?

To summarize, players should pull for Ganyu if they:

On the other hand, Travelers should pull for Xiao if they:

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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