Final Fantasy 14: Who Are The Twelve?

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker came out in December 2021, and more players are finishing the main story with each passing day. A ton was revealed in Endwalker, and some hints were dropped as to what future content may hold. One character, in particular, laid out much of what the Warrior of Light has yet to explore and experience. One specific detail that caught the attention of many players is that the Warrior of Light has yet to solve the mystery as to who the Twelve really are.

The mystery may be answered sooner than players first think, as Endwalker's 24-player raid, "Myths of the Realm," has been hinted to delve into the Twelve due to its preview image showing every symbol of the deities. The Twelve are the pantheon that many in Eorzea believe in. In fact, one of the first things a player does when they make a character is choosing one of the Twelve to align to. To prepare for the upcoming raid, it is good to know all one can about these deities.

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Their History In The Story So Far

A lot of players missed out on the first version of Final Fantasy 14 in 2010 before it was permanently deleted, and it was that version that involved the Twelve the most. In that early story, Louisoix carved symbols across Eorzea of the Twelve to serve as anchors for a ritual to save the realm. He bid that the carvings be prayed to in order for them to gain enough power that he could summon the strength of the Twelve. When Bahamut broke out, Louisoix attempted to reseal the primal with the Twelve's power but failed, as he had to hold back because summoning the deities would wound Hydaelyn. Instead, Louisoix used the power of one of the Twelve, Althyk, to move the adventurers through time and space.

In A Realm Reborn, Gaius proposes the theory that the Twelve are no different from primals and can be summoned with enough crystals. This theory was supported by a reveal that some Ala Mhigan refugees once plotted to summon Rhalgr to have revenge against the Garlean Empire. As to how Louisoix evoked the power of the Twelve without crystals, Nabriales mentions that he was able to do so because of his special staff, the Tupsimati.

In Heavensward, Gaius' theory about the Twelve being like primals is proven to be mostly incorrect. The Warrior of Light learns that summoned primals are imitations, not original beings. This means if one of the Twelve were summoned, they would just be someone's vision of their form rather than the real thing. Later on in Shadowbringers, Urianger speculates that Azem could be related to the Twelve's Azeyma and the Xaela people's Azim because they have similar names and imagery. However, he says it is just a theory and might never be proven.

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The Lore Of The Twelve

It is believed that the Twelve were the first to live in Eorzea and the moogles lived as their servants. When Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, Lalafell, and Roegadyn tribes arrived, the Twelve ceded land to them and some of them became patrons of the cities. Every pair of the Twelve is associated with one of the six elements, and each one is also related to a month of the Eorzean calendar. Each also has their own symbol and connection to one of the six constellations studied by Astrologians.

The first deity of the Eorzean calendar is one of the Twelve known as the Fury, Halone. She commands the element of ice, is the goddess of war, and is the patron of Ishgard. The second month belongs to Menphina, who is known as the Lover. She commands the element of ice along with Halone. Her symbol is the moon and is traditionally worshipped by Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. Halone and Menphina are part of The Spear constellation.

The next two months are overseen by deities with command over water and are associated with The Ewer constellation. The first is Thaliak, the patron of Sharlayan whose symbol is a scroll. He is the teacher of Byregot, the father of Llymlaen, and is the god of knowledge. After Thaliak is Nymeia, who is the goddess of fate and is also known as the Spinner. Her symbol is a spinning wheel and she is the sister of Althyk.

Llymlaen, known as the Navigator, is the goddess of the seas and patron of Limsa Lominsa. Her symbol is a wave and she is often depicted as a fisherwoman. She commands the element of wind and is in The Arrow constellation along with Oschon, the Wanderer and ruler of mountains. His symbol is a walking stick and he is the patron of the Miner's Guild and the city of Nym. After them are the commanders of the element of lightning, Byregot and Rhalgr. Byregot is known as the Builder and god of the arts while Rhalgr is the god of destruction. Together, Byregot and Rhalgr are connected to The Spire constellation.

The next two are Azeyma and Nald'thal. The two commend the element of fire, with Azeyma as the goddess of inquiry and Nald'thal as the god of commerce. Azeyma is worshipped by Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te and is symbolized by a sun, while Nald'thal is the only member of the Twelve that is actually two people. Nald and Thal are twins, and Nald'thal is their singular manifestation. Azeyma and Nald'thal together are depicted with The Balance constellation.

Lastly are Nophica and Althyk, who command the element of earth. Nophica is the patron of Gridania and is depicted to be a farmer. Her symbol is a spring leaf and many of the Conjurer spells in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 14 are references to her. Her alter is right outsider Gridania's Conjurer's Guild. Her fellow earth-aspected diety, Athlyk controls space and time and has the symbol of the hourglass. It was Athlyk's power that Louisoix used to transport adventurers away from battle in the original Final Fantasy 14. Both Nophica and Althyk are associated with The Bole constellation.

What Myths Of The Realm Could Reveal

Naoki Yoshida has shared that the Myths of the Realm raid will be an original story and not a crossover like some raids in the past, such as YoRha: Dark Apocalypse and Return to Ivalice. With all that has been revealed of the ancients in both Shadowbringers and Endwalker, many fans are leaning into the theory that the ancients may have something to do with the Twelve, much like they did with Zodiark and Hydaelyn. After all, Emet-Selch of all people was the one to point out that there is still a lot players don't know about the Twelve.

With ancients being sundered and others becoming Ascians, though, it does leave the question as to how ancients and the Twelve can be connected. One theory is that they connected to the friends of Venat, the few close friends she trusted with information about Meteion and the coming Final Days. One of them was probably Azem, which leads to Urianger's theory of them being connected to the Twelve possibly being correct. So while Venat become Hydaelyn, perhaps her close trustees created the Twelve in order to help her.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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