Harry Potter's Emma Watson Addresses Rumored Retirement From Acting

Emma Watson is typically not one to entertain Hollywood gossip and tabloids about herself, but even she has her limits. The Harry Potter star, who has been relatively inactive on social media as of late, recently broke her silence to address a persistent rumor alleging her official retirement from acting.

Earlier this year, several media outlets were pushing the narrative that Watson had decided to withdraw from the limelight in order to focus on her philanthropic enterprises. The Daily Mail, in particular, claimed that she had expressed such sentiments to her agent, who then supposedly reported that her career was "dormant" and that she wouldn't be taking on any new film projects.

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Despite the fact that Watson's agent came forward and denied such allegations, many people continued to speculate on the state of her career. Hoping to put an end to all the chatter, Watson herself finally came on Twitter and addressed the rumors head-on, urging fans not to believe everything they hear. "If I have news - I promise I'll share it with you," she promised them. She also went on to say that no news from her simply means that she is "quietly spending the pandemic the way most people are." In her own words, that includes caring for loved ones and doing what she can do to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Watson's last cinematic endeavor was Greta Gerwig's Little Women, the Oscar-nominated film adaptation of author Louisa May Alcott's novel, where Watson played the oldest sibling of the four March sisters. Currently, her IMDb profile lists no new acting projects for the near future, so we can assume that she is just taking some time off to relax during the pandemic. Based on her tweets, it looks like Watson won't be signing onto any new projects until she feels it is safe to do so.

Still, that hasn't stopped some media outlets from putting her name in their headlines. One of the latest rumors to come out about Watson is that she is currently in talks with Warner Bros. to star in a spin-off about Hermione, which could be part of a series of sequels for the Harry Potter franchise. The report comes from Giant Freaking Robot, which claims its source is reliable.

As exciting as a Hermione solo film or series would be, no official statements have been made by Warner Bros. or the Watson camp. Until Watson comes out with the news herself, fans should remain cautious about what is being reported about her online.

The Harry Potter collection is now streaming on HBO Max.

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Source: Emma Watson/Twitter

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