Elden Ring Fan Makes Helpful Images to Teach Players About UI Symbols and Their Meaning

FromSoftware's latest title, Elden Ring has been in the news for a multitude of reasons, including its impressive sales figures. The action RPG had the biggest Steam launch of all FromSoftware titles and is poised to break many more records as the year progresses.

Despite its remarkable sales figures and critical praise, Elden Ring is in the spotlight for its high difficulty, its PvP mode, and humorous viral videos. One viral clip shows two Elden Ring players stopping their fight to clean themselves with soap.

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In addition to the gameplay difficulty, gamers are struggling with the different UI symbols and visual cues in Elden Ring. Even the experienced players who are used to playing Soulslike titles find it difficult to understand various UI symbols and their meanings. Thankfully, the community comes to the rescue of fellow gamers yet again. Reddit user bluetheslinky has stepped forward to aid other gamers who need help to understand the complicated UI symbols. The Reddit user has shared valuable details about all the UI symbols and their meanings via a Reddit post. The post contains two images that cover information about map items, status effects, UI symbols, and more information about other important icons.

The first image is about the UI symbols and other icons, while the second image provides valuable information about the legend for various map items. These include NPCs like merchants and other key people in the game. The image also had information about other visual keys like Waygates, Scarabs, and Eldtree Saplings. The image ends with a helpful note where the Redditor advises other gamers about dropped runes. The Reddit community thanked bluetheslinky for the unwavering efforts to articulate all the information neatly. However, this is not the first time the gaming community has gone the extra mile to help out their fellow gamers. Another Elden Ring fan created a bosses chart from the game that categorizes them elegantly.

Besides the complicated UI and navigation, fans are delighted about Patch 1.03 for Elden Ring which fixes many technical issues, nerfs the Mimic Tear Ash, and adds new non-playable characters. The patch also makes it easier for players to keep track of different locations in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has already become one of the most played games of the year, as gamers spend countless hours on it. Fans are still exploring the vast open world of the fantasy game as many haven't discovered the important secrets of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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