How To Get Fingerprint Grape And What It's For

Elden Ring is a truly massive game. There are so many things for players to see, explore, and collect, with tons of bosses to battle and hidden secrets to uncover. But there are also many quests to take on in the Lands Between. Some of these quests are pretty straightforward and found early on, while others are hidden or off-the-beaten-path, only available to Tarnished that are truly explorative and aware of their surroundings. One seemingly random quest involves Hyetta, a strange woman that players will meet at a particular Site of Grace.

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During Hyetta's questline, players will need to get their hands on a special item called the Fingerprint Grape. Thankfully, it's relatively easy to find, but managing to pry it from the man holding it is a different story. The NPC Invader that holds the Fingerprint Grape can be pretty difficult for many players, especially in the earlier parts of the game. Here's how Tarnished can find the Fingerprint Grape in Elden RIng and what it does.

Where To Find The Fingerprint Grape In Elden Ring

Collecting the Fingerprint Grape is easier said than done, although it's not particularly difficult to find. Players that want to get their hands on this Key Item will first need to head to the Church of Inhibition. This particular church is fairly far from the starting area of Limgrave, in a zone called Liurnia of the Lakes. To make matters worse, Liurnia of the Lakes is pretty expansive, and the church itself lies far to the North, at the foot of the Altus Plateau. The easiest way for players to reach this location is to head past the Raya Lucaria Academy and follow the road until they reach the massive stairs stretching up to the Grand Lift of Dectus. They should unlock the Site of Grace there, too, as the path to the Church of Inhibition can be deadly.

By leaving from the Grand Lift of Dectus Site of Grace and heading back down the stairs towards Liurnia of the Lakes, players can hook a left at the bottom of the stairs and head towards the trees. There, they will find a path that heads upwards into the mountains. They should also be able to spot a tower emitting a bright yellow flame. This tower is capable of filling the player with madness and killing them outright if they're not careful. The only way to avoid madness build-up is to break "line of sight" between the Tarnished and the tower. Hiding behind rocks and other objects will allow players to let their Madness build-up drain back down before they press on.

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Eventually, players will cross into a town filled with Madness-stricken enemies. Past this town there is a path that continues up the mountainside, weaving along the trees. It heads North towards the Church of Inhibition, but players need to be aware as they will be instantly invaded by an NPC as soon as they approach the church itself. Festering Fingerprint Vyke will need to be defeated if players wish to get their hands on the Fingerprint Grape, but the invader is pretty tough. Vyke is fast, attacking with a long War Spear and is capable of inflicting Madness on the player with every strike. He also comes equipped with Madness-based magics, and can sling bolts of the harmful yellow/orange substance at the player. It's quite easy to see the Madness build-up meter fill quickly during this fight, leading players to succumb to Madness and Vyke's aggressive attacks.

Once Vyke is defeated, players can pick up his War Spear, along with the Fingerprint Grape. Those that wish to complete White Mask Varre's questline should also remember this location as it houses an important item found inside the Church of Inhibition.

What Does The Fingerprint Grape Do?

The Fingerprint Grape is a necessary Key Item for players that wish to progress Hyetta's questline. Those that have yet to start this mysterious maiden's tasks will need to first ensure that they have met an NPC named Irina. She can be found just past the Bridge of Sacrifice that leads to the Weeping Peninnsula in the Southeastern part of Limgrave. She's found sitting along the roadway that stretches towards Castle Morne. Speaking to her and exhausting her dialogue will reward players with Irina's Letter, which acts as a pre-requisite for Hyetta showing up.

Once that's done, players can head to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, which is found after Stormveil Castle. Players that defeat Demi-God Godrick the Grafted will arrive at this Site of Grace after exiting the castle, but those that wish to skip the area altogether at the start can reach the Grace by taking an alternate path. Hyetta can be found standing near the cliffside, and it's rather easy to miss her considering she blends in a bit with the surroundings for those that are rushing through the area.

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Once players talk to Hyetta and exhaust her dialogue, she will request that they bring her a Shibari Grape. Those that defeated Godrick the Grafted should find one in the Throne Room when exiting the castle, but players that took the alternate path around Stomveil can simply head along the wall to Stormveil and enter the Throne Room from the rear entrance to grab the Key Item. Once Hyetta receives the grape, she will leave the area and reappear at the Purified Ruins, which can be accessed by following the path that stretches to the Northeast of the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Players can look over the cliff's edge and hop down the tombstones found jutting from the cliff to reach the bottom safely and access the road.

Once players have met Hyetta at the Purified Ruins and given her another Shibari Grape, she will head to an area just North of the Gate Town Bridge, which is located just North down the pathway from the Purified Ruins and juts out to the left towards the watery area down the cliffside that leads to Raya Lucaria on the map. She will ask for a third Shibari Grape and then move to Bellum Church, which is a location found North of Raya Lucaria Academy, on the left side of the roadway when players are progressing towards the Grand Lift of Dectus. It is here that she will ask the Tarnished to fetch the Fingerprint Grape for her to continue her questline.

Those that wish to complete Hyetta's questline will then need to travel all the way to Leyndell, Royal Capital, and then through the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, doing battle with an imposing boss before heading to a secret area buried deep beneath the city by striking an Altar within the boss' room. It's important to note that if players do decide to finish Hyetta's quest, they will need to first accept a Key Item that will effectively lock them into one Ending, locking them out of all other Endings in the process.

Completing Hyetta's quest will reward players with a seal that is capable of increasing the damage that Madness Incantations dish out.

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