Mythal Could Be the Key to Stopping Solas

Dragon Age 4 is in development, and fans are all making bets as to what could be in store. What is known so far is that the story is going to Tevinter, where players will likely get caught up in the war with the Qunari while also trying to stop Solas' plan to tear down the Veil. A lot can be theorized as to what the player will be dealing with based on what was revealed in the Trespasser DLC. For example, elves are flocking to help Solas and Solas hints that he has plans for dealing with the Evanuris once they are released.

Along with what is in store for fighting Solas in Dragon Age 4, fans are wondering how he can be stopped. In Trespasser, he could turn people to stone with barely a glance. He appears to have a solid spy network and is gaining elf allies. Some are predicting that the key to stopping Solas will be Mythal, and there is a lot of evidence behind this theory.

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Solas' Connection To Mythal

Dragon Age: Inquisition unveiled the identities of both Solas and Flemeth to be the Dread Wolf and Mythal. Both are ancient elves, and evidence points out that they were close friends or even lovers. The Temple of Mythal has Dread Wolf statues and Solas mentions with emotion in Trespasser that Mythal was the best of the Evanuris and was murdered. What little is known of the Evanuris supports what Solas said, as Mythal is said to have been a voice of reason and mercy among the powerful.

Flemeth turns out to have the soul of Mythal within her, which explains a lot of her enormous power. She mentions that she and Mythal both were betrayed, hinting that Mythal was likely killed by her fellow Evanuris. This means that Mythal's death is likely what inspired Solas to create the Veil and seal away the Evanuris. While they were already known to be monstrous and use slaves, Mythal's death may have been the last straw for him.

When the two meet at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition, they greet each other with affection. Solas, however, appears to kill Flemeth (and Flemeth allows it). Smoke comes out of her body and into him, giving him more power to reach his goal to destroy the Veil. Fans are not convinced of Flemeth's death, though. She could be killed in Dragon Age: Origins, but quickly came back in Dragon Age 2. Flemeth could have another plan entirely, one that is different from Solas, and one that could stop him.

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Mythal's Plan

Flemeth is one with the soul of Mythal, so their plans are one of the same. While she is close to Solas and greets him as an old friend, it is apparent that she sees the world differently than him. While Solas woke up to a changed world, Flemeth lived in it. She knows more about the hearts of the people and seems to have made peace in a way Solas has not. This is exemplified in how she reacts to a Dalish Inquisitor. While Solas rejects the Dalish, and hates that they remember the past in a way that is twisted, Flemeth has love and respect for them. She addresses a Dalish Inquisitor as someone who does her people proud. At that moment, it really is Mythal speaking through Flemeth. The Dalish have always had close ties with her.

With all this in mind, Mythal likely does not share in Solas' desire to tear down the Veil. She obviously still loves and respects him, as shown in how Flemeth greets him, but she may be a step ahead of him in an entirely different plot. Before she greets him at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition, she is seen sending some sort of light through the Eluvian. This is likely a piece of her that can live on and plot away from Solas. In fact, it could be true that Flemeth is dead and gone but what she sent through the mirror was the very soul of Mythal.

Fans are still trying to piece together what Flemeth and Mythal's goal is. Flemeth has said herself that they want revenge against those that betrayed them. That means they could want to free the Evanuris and kill them themselves. Or the series has another twist up its sleeve, and it will be revealed that someone entirely different betrayed Mythal. What is most important, though, is that her ideas don't align with Solas. She cares about the Dalish, and even non-elves (after all, Flemeth is human). This has been shown in how she has helped them in the past. She would not see them all die as Solas' plan would have.

One key to her plan may be the old god kid, Kieran. She appeared to take the old god soul from him in Inquisition (if players did the ritual in Dragon Age: Origins) and it was the original plan to get Morrigan to have an old god baby when Flemeth sent her to be with the Wardens. The nature of the old gods is still unknown, but it seems Flemeth always knows more than she lets on. For some reason, she wants an old god soul. Why or what she plans to do with it is unknown, but it may be connected to Mythal.

How Her Plan Could Stop Solas

Solas is not a character easily outsmarted, but if any character could do it, it is Flemeth/Mythal. Fans also believe she is the most powerful mage in Thedas, and that only a fragment of her power has been seen. Very few believe that she is gone. With Morrigan or the Inquisitor drinking from the Well of Sorrows, they are also very connected to Mythal and may play a part in her overall plan. Of course, it will not all be up to Mythal. The player character will likely play a huge role in Solas' fate. It could even be them who decides if Mythal can stop Solas or not.

It is also possible that Mythal could change Solas' mind. There is evidence that he created the Veil in the first place as revenge for her murder. If Mythal does not support Solas' plan, then perhaps Solas would not go through with it. He is already shaken by the Inquisitor's possible friendship or romance, after all.

Dragon Age 4 is in development.

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