Dead Space Remake Gets Official Release Date

Dead Space remains one of the most iconic horror game releases in gaming. Even as the Dead Space franchise shifted away from horror in favor of action, the legacy of the original Dead Space hasn't been lost. It's no surprise then that 13 years later, Electronic Arts is going back to its roots with a Dead Space remake developed by Motive Studios. Delivering a remake that honors the original takes time, though, which is why Motive's taking its time. The Dead Space remake now has a release date, and as previously confirmed, it won't be in 2022.

In an announcement from Motive, the release date for Dead Space is now confirmed to be January 27, 2023. Motive promises that the remake will deliver on the original Dead Space's "thrilling vision" by reimagining its visuals and enhancing audio. As previously announced, the Dead Space remake will be coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, skipping the last generation of consoles in order to focus on delivering the best experience possible.

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The announcement of the Dead Space remake's release date arrives as the team at Motive continues to make "great progress," according to senior producer Philippe Ducharme. Ducharme explains that Motive has brought the Dead Space remake to an alpha state, meaning the game is playable and includes all major features. That likely explains why Motive felt confident announcing a release date for Dead Space. It may be somewhat of a long way off, but Motive will be working to make the wait worth it.

In addition to the release date announcement for the Dead Space remake, Motive also shared an extended amount of footage as part of an art stream. The footage includes looks at visual effects like fog, smoke, and pyrotechnics, along with environmental art and design for Dead Space, character model improvements, and lighting effects. Dead Space is a big opportunity for Motive's art team to show off its talents, and the footage shared today shows Motive is embracing it.

One thing that's clear from today's Dead Space footage is that Motive is investing heavily in the visuals of the remake. That's both exciting for the remake itself, as well as what Motive will be working on next. It's possible that Dead Space is just the first step in Motive's plans, with an original game to follow. Perhaps Motive may even make its own Dead Space sequel.

A January release date for the Dead Space remake is somewhat curious. January is a month that historically is passed over by major game releases. Whether that means Electronic Arts intends to capitalize on the lesser amount of competition in early 2023, or if it's unsure how the market will respond to the Dead Space remake, it will be interesting to see play out.

Dead Space will release on January 23, 2023, on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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