Twitch Has Banned Corinna Kopf

Popular streamer Corinna Kopf''s return to Twitch appears to be rather short-lived, considering she's just been banned from the platform. Kopf had returned to Twitch after spending some time on Facebook Gaming, but she's not going to have to sit out at least a bit of time.

This is hardly the first time that Corinna Kopf has faced a ban from the streaming service. In fact, it was a ban for supposedly wearing risque clothes led to her first thinking of leaving Twitch a few years back. Eventually a year-old clip that saw her get into a spate of trouble with the site sparked her departure to Facebook Gaming, after starting her career on YouTube. After spending two years with Facebook she returned to Twitch this March and almost immediately started seeing success with her IRL streams. However, it only took a couple of months for her relationship with the platform to become rocky again.

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The StreamerBans Twitter account was the first to announce that Corinna Kopf had joined the growing list of popular streamers that have been handed down bans by Twitch this year. At first there wasn't any indication on just what had caused her account to get the boot. However, the streamer cleared things up as to the cause on her own not long after the news broke.

Kopf took to her own Twitter account with a picture of Twitch's letter explaining why she'd gotten the ban, along with a caption on the tweet that said "ain't the first time," along with a couple of laughing emojis. The message from the streaming platform explained that she had been given a suspension because she had been wearing clothes that were deemed inappropriate.

Corinna Kopf is hardly the only streamer that has been hit with a ban because of their clothing. In fact, it was just a few months ago that the platform handed out a suspension to Meowko for what turned out to be a pretty arbitrary ruling on what kind of clothes she was wearing for a very specific activity. Of course, it doesn't appear Kopf is claiming her banning is necessarily borne out of confusion but was, in fact, Twitch moderators simply not liking what she was wearing.

The good news for the streamer is that this doesn't appear to be among those like JiDion who have received permanent bans over the last year. Instead, this one was just 24 hours so she can return to Twitch quickly.

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