Warzone Players Blast 'Pay To Lose' Godzilla Operator Skin

To the surprise of many Call of Duty: Warzone fans, Season 3 featured a major crossover with the Monsterverse. Following plenty of teases from Activision, it was revealed that both King Kong and Godzilla would be invading the Caldera map, which has seen a few changes in the seasonal update to accommodate these massive creatures. Starting later this week, players will be able to head to head with these monsters, with Godzilla attacking from a distance while King Kong will be getting up close and personal.

With this major reveal, Activision wasted no time in showing off upcoming microtransactions and bundles that players can pick up as well. Season 3 of Warzone saw a Mechagodzilla bundle featuring an outfit for Constanze as well as nine other items. However, bundles for King Kong and Godzilla were also revealed, each with outfits inspired by the legendary monsters and including other items like weapons, tracer rounds, and more.

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The biggest issue that many seem to have with the Godzilla skin is in the outfit's design including Reddit user Littlewolf2k2. Call of Duty: Warzone players have noted that the skin itself is fairly easy to spot at distance, making those who use it a very easy target. As such, one commentor even called it a "Pay To Lose" skin thanks to the bright blue neon highlights, the tracer rounds the pack comes with, and the textures are easier to spot than other skins. Many called it the second most visible cosmetic behind the Attack on Titan skin, another cosmetic that fans were less than thrilled with.

On a different note, there are those who actually have more of a problem with the overall look and feel of the outfit, unrelated to gameplay. One Redditor named clsv6262 was hoping for a cosmetic that looked more like the actual kaiju monster with the spikes, tail, and even roaring to replace the traditional character dialogue. Others mentioned that the Call of Duty: Warzone skin looks like someone going out on Halloween or even cosplaying as Godzilla.

Naturally, some of the discourse came back to Fortnite, as many fans accused Activision of attempting to cash in on what Epic Games has been doing with major crossovers and character skins. It'll be a while before another game like Call of Duty: Warzone reaches the level of crossovers that Fortnite has seen over the past few years. In fact, Epic has been rolling out new skins for Fortnite almost on a weekly basis, with recent additions including characters like Marvel's Scarlet Witch and Moon Knight, Blanka and Sakura from the Street Fighter franchise, and the hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan, to name a few.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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