Warzone Players Are Disappointed With The Godzilla vs. Kong Event

After several trailers, bundles, and teasers hyping up its arrival, Operation Monarch has launched within Call of Duty: Warzone. The event brings Godzilla and Kong to Caldera, with each titan wielding some signature attacks from the movies. Seeing these behemoths move around Caldera will surely be memorable, but it seems like the initial excitement is fading quickly for several players.

This Call of Duty: Warzone event provides a limited time mode named Operation Monarch, which sees some unique mechanics added. Unfortunately, a part of the community is unhappy with how Godzilla and Kong are used in this game mode. In particular, they feel that the event does not feel like Godzilla vs. Kong at all despite it being marketed as such.

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What is Operation Monarch?

In many ways, Operation Monarch plays out like a normal battle royale match. The goal is still to be the last team standing, with the 60-player match adopting the Resurgence rule set often seen alongside Rebirth Island. One of the major new features is Monarch Intel, which players can gather to build up a special meter to get things like Loadout Drops and a unique Killstreak. Overall, the meter functions like the one from Power Grab.

The Titan Killstreak is also known as the S.C.R.E.A.M. device, and the item allows Call of Duty: Warzone players to briefly command Godzilla and Kong. With this Killstreak, they can use a Heat Ray from the former and a ground pound from the latter. At the start of the match and at one point later on, Godzilla and Kong will enter a Titan Frenzy and randomly attack. Players can avoid them, which will be difficult since Kong will jump around the map and Godzilla will devastate everything around him with his lasers. Players can also compete to do the most damage to these monsters for a free S.C.R.E.A.M. device.

Why Some Call of Duty: Warzone Fans Are Let Down by Godzilla and Kong

While this Call of Duty: Warzone LTM clearly had some thought put into it and has its share of unique mechanics, Redditors like XrayHAFB have dubbed the Operation Monarch trailer “clickbait.” Despite showing the two Titans fighting, and the Godzilla vs. Kong branding being used, the two creatures never actually fight each other like what is advertised. Seeing them battle it out could have been interesting, but like torments6 says, the event is more like Godzilla and Kong teaming up against players. Others have spotted bugs when it comes to Kong's movement, adding more negativity to the discussion.

Aside from gamers being bummed that the two Titans roam around Caldera but do not interact with each other, a common complaint is that the mode feels too much like a traditional battle royale game. Some players were hoping for a mode entirely focused on battling the Titans, leaving behind the concept of squads for the event. A whole lobby coming together to fight the creatures certainly could have been interesting, and it would have been a noticeable change from the game's usual battle royale offerings.

Lastly, while it is nice that Call of Duty: Warzone fans can damage the monsters and fight back, the fact that neither can be killed or forced to leave Caldera is a bit of a bummer. Obviously, this is tied to the new killstreak since the Titans could not be directed to attack if they were dead. Still, the inability to defeat Kong and Godzilla makes shooting them feel a bit pointless, with some players feeling like they are just two frustrating hazards to avoid instead. While some are undoubtedly getting enjoyment out of the event, and have argued that Call of Duty fans will always find something to complain about, Raven Software may want to keep some of this criticism in mind if Kong and Godzilla ever return to the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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