Bring Me the Horizon Fan Records Concert Using 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS camera was likely intended to be used for the occasional selfie and augmented reality game, but that hasn't stopped some owners of the handheld device from using it as their primary way of capturing memories. Hilariously, one fan took their DS for quite the ride when they were spotted using their dual-screened device to record a Bring Me the Horizon concert.

Posted to Twitter by user @TedClaxton94 and spotted by NintendoLife, the video that spotted the 3DS-using concert-goer isn't particularly long, but it gets the point across pretty well, showing a single hand holding an original blue 3DS out of the crowded pit. It doesn't seem like the most convenient way to record concert footage, but because the method is so odd, it's likely that this wasn't the first time this person has used a DS to film something like this.

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If someone were to want to record a concert using a DS, the original 3DS does seem like the Nintendo device to use, however, as newer models are bigger and would require more pocket space. That said, the camera on the 3DS leaves a lot to be desired as records at 640 x 480, a resolution far lower than all modern smartphones.

It's just odd that someone would bring a 3DS to a concert that can get as packed as a Bring Me the Horizon show. While owners might be trying to get more hits on the 3DS' Street Pass, it's not a particularly comfortable device to hold in just one hand, making filming the show a little bit risky for the handheld. If it were to be knocked out of the owner's hand, that would likely be it for the system as the screens were notorious for breaking apart with relatively small impacts.

Although a little puzzling, it is nice to see a 3DS out in "the wild" like this as the 3DS was discontinued just over a year ago. It was a popular console, so seeing people playing on one while on public transit was a pretty common occurrence, but the popularity of the Switch paired with the fact that no new 3DS' are being made means that sightings will be less and less common.

While the Switch might eclipse the 3DS in a lot of ways, both from a technical and library standpoint, there's no camera on the Switch, which means that the 3DS might be the only solution for those looking to easily record concerts on a Nintendo console. You know, all those people.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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