Bad Bunny Reacts To Being Cast As El Muerto In Spider-Man Spinoff Film

Rapper Bad Bunny has recently shared his reaction to being cast as the new Sony Spider-Man Universe character, El Muerto, for the upcoming solo movie. The character of El Muerto was first introduced to fans through the comic book world with his debut appearance in 2006’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No.6.

Created by Peter David and Roger Cruz, El Muerto was made with the intention of him being the ultimate villain for Spider-Man to go up against. He receives his superhuman abilities by wearing an ominous mask that has been passed down through the generations within his family. El Muerto was forced to battle Spider-Man, with the hope of finally taking down his family’s long-time oppressor El Dorado. Although El Muerto comes closer than many to defeating the iconic hero, he ultimately gets taken down by one of Spider-Man's stingers. El Muerto ends up joining forces with Spider-Man in order to defeat El Dorado. However, following this epic event, El Muerto would begin to fade out and remain missing from the comic book scene in the years since.

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Luckily, El Muerto has caught the attention of Sony Pictures, with them now developing a film around the character set within Sony's Spider-Man Universe. The film was announced at this April's CinemaCon panel, where Bad Bunny made a quick appearance on stage in order to celebrate the reveal of his casting. Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group President Sanford Pitch also clarified that the film is set for a January 2024 release. Development has officially begun and the new star at the center of all of it is excited as ever to share his reaction to joining the SSU. In a new interview with Apple Music, Bad Bunny shared his thoughts surrounding being cast as the new Sony Spider-Man Universe character El Muerto.

The artist seemed barely able to contain his excitement about being a part of the iconic comic book franchise. He also made sure to exclusively spotlight the Latino representation that he will be bringing to the role, and just how honored and humbled he feels to be the one to do so. “Sometimes, I can’t believe it yet, but it’s the result of my work. The way I am, the way I work, I’m so proud, very happy about this character, this opportunity to be the first Latino," he stated about his role as El Muerto. "It’s not about 'I'm going to be the first Latino making a role,' it's going to be about the first Latino main character, that's the important thing. So it's something huge, and it will be epic - I know that the people are going to be proud about my work.”

Bad Bunny's El Muerto will officially be the first Latin superhero in either Marvel franchise to have their own project and be the lead. Bad Bunny has also been known for the way in which he has become a symbol for gender fluidity and LGBTQ+ acceptance, especially within the Latinx community. Only time will tell what he will end up doing with the role, but it’s hard to not have high hopes with someone as passionate and talented as Bad Bunny.

El Muerto is currently scheduled to hit theaters in 2024.

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Source: Apple Music/YouTube

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