Apex Legends Players Are Joking About Mirage's Search History

When someone thinks of a multiplayer first-person shooter battle royale game, they won’t often relate it to a story, but Apex Legends delivers microdoses of story and personality through its unique legends. It helps create a world that feels more real than a game where players just drop in a circle and kill each other. Pathfinder has a dark past but is a hopeful bot, Wraith only wants to know the truth, and Horizon's quest is about her son. One of the least serious Legends, Mirage, even has elements like this.

Players will hear a lot of jokes about pork chops and the like, but his history is real too. Mirage had three brothers who went missing in the Frontier War, and his mother was a brilliant engineer who now suffers from some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s, dialogue suggests. Despite his personal hardships, Mirage knows how to bring a laugh to his Apex Legends players.

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In fact, his personality is likely one reason why Redditor G1hasjoinedthevibe created a thread for players to “make the comments look like Mirage’s search history.” What follows, of course, is pure hilarity thanks to all of the lines, dialogue, and lore Mirage has shared with fans. There’s a lot related to his ego: “Mirage’s top 10 greatest wins,” “is Mirage the best legend?,” “Mirage single or taken?,” “Mirage best kills,” and “Mirage best bamboozle.”

Others are connected to Mirage’s favorite food, pork chops. The comments include “best drink with pork chops,” “pork chops,” “how to hide pork chop,” “how to steal pork chop,” and “how to cook pork chops without an oven.” A few comments hint at Mirage’s relationship with other legends, like “how to befriend a murderbot,” “what’s with the smiling robot,” and some related to his existential crisis: “how to know if you’re a decoy.” “What rhymes with bamboozle” is another golden entry in Mirage’s search history.

Two seem to stand out the most. First is “choo choo train nickname” as an allusion to a popular line in Winter Express where he argues that adults call it a choo choo train and not babies. The second is a gut punch which had others claim they’re crying, and that’s “how to help mom remember” due to the aforementioned dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Overall, though, it’s a funny ride into the mind of Mirage. It’ll be interesting to see where his lore goes next in Apex Legends, but as many fans know, it’s more of a slow burn than an info dump. Fans shouldn’t expect too much anytime soon.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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