Amouranth Throws Shade at Ninja and Jessica Blevins

Twitch streamer Amouranth is primarily known for her livestreams, but she also regularly uploads content to YouTube as well. In fact, Amouranth took to YouTube after her latest Twitch ban to provide fans with an update on the situation, letting them know that she wasn't sure why exactly she was banned. Besides Twitch ban updates, Amouranth's YouTube presence mainly consists of videos of her trying on various outfits, but she's also used the platform for other reasons as well.

For example, Amouranth recently bought her assistant a car and uploaded a video of the occasion, and she's also recently released a music video. The Twitch star's latest YouTube video was uploaded to her "Kait Wild" YouTube channel as opposed to the main one and is going for more of a comedic vibe, as she talks about other popular streamers that she could beat in a fight. The video sees Amouranth talk about a variety of streamers, perhaps most notably Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins.

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Amouranth explained that she would 100% win in a fight against Ninja because he "doesn't play with women." This is a reference to a controversy a few years back when Ninja said he wouldn't play with female streamers. Amouranth said she wouldn't even have to try in a fight against Ninja because he would simply leave the arena. "I would just stand there and his wife would probably try to sue me," Amouranth said. Click here to see the video.

That particular line is a reference to a controversy involving Ninja, Jessica Blevins, Jidion, and popular Twitch streamer Pokimane. Pokimane was the target of a hate raid by streamer Jidion, who was hit with a permanent ban for his actions. Afterwards, Ninja's chat encouraged him to try to get Jidion unbanned, and in a clip, he appeared to be texting someone at Twitch about the situation. Pokimane then accused Ninja of being afraid to stand up against hate raids and misogyny on Twitch, saying that he and Jidion likely had the same audience.

After this, Jessica Blevins allegedly sent Pokimane a message saying that they were getting their legal team involved. The whole situation seems to have mostly blown over at this point, with Pokimane even collaborating with Jidion, but that's what Amouranth is referencing with her jab in the YouTube video.

Besides creating video content on YouTube and Twitch, Amouranth also has extensive business ventures that she talks about publicly on her Twitter. Most recently, Amouranth invested over $1 million in a plastic ball company.

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