Amouranth Loses Nearly $300,000 in One Day

Twitch streamer Amouranth is one of the most popular content creators on the entire platform, and it doesn't look like her momentum is slowing down anytime soon. Twitch data leaks and Amouranth herself have confirmed that she has made millions off the platform, and she also makes a lot of money from other avenues as well. Amouranth has taken the considerable money she's earned and has invested it in real estate, the stock market, and other business ventures.

Amouranth has spoken candidly about her investments on Twitter, revealing to her fans that she's purchased multiple gas stations to not only bring in a passive income stream but also help lower her overall federal tax bill. She's also been open about the money she's invested in the stock market, revealing that she invested $1 million in Visa as a birthday present to herself. However, investments always carry a certain degree of risk with them, with the popular streamer recently losing nearly $300,000 overnight.

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Amouranth has a lot of money invested in Meta, the parent company of social media network Facebook, and one of the corporations leading the charge in the so-called "metaverse." Recent reports indicated that Facebook's number of users has declined for the first time ever, and this sent its stock price spiraling. When all was said and done, Amouranth lost a whopping $291,775.

Of course, it's entirely possibly and quite likely that the stock will rebound. Meta is a massive company that has more products than just Facebook under its wing, and while Facebook may have experienced a decline in users, it's still one of the top social media platforms on the entire Internet. Amouranth isn't panic-dumping her stock, but instead has said that she will give Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg "a little runway."

Amouranth joked that she would be going live on Twitch to make her lost money back, with $291,775 as the funding goal. Twitch streaming has proven to be a huge source of income for Amouranth, though it's always possible that particular revenue stream could go away. Amouranth has been banned from Twitch multiple times, and there's always a chance that the next ban could be permanent. Even if that did happen, though, Amouranth is more than financially stable. She's made enough money and has enough invested that she likely never really needs to work again.

And since Amouranth is the most popular female Twitch streamer, it's unlikely that a Twitch ban would ever stick anyway.

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