Why is Amouranth Buying Gas Stations?

Twitch has proven to be a surprisingly lucrative place for a lot of people. Huge names from Ninja to xQc to Shroud have earned fame and fortune thanks in part to Twitch and other streaming platforms. While some Twitch streamers prefer to focus entirely on their streaming careers, others look to invest their money elsewhere. For instance, Amouranth recently surprised fans by announcing that she had bought a Circle K gas station. A few weeks later, she said that she'd invested in a 7-Eleven, too. As one of Twitch's most popular streamers, Amouranth certainly has the income to invest in some businesses like these.

It's not all that surprising to see Amouranth reach beyond her content creation career. Lots of famous content creators start their own businesses or stream on the side of an established job. For instance, Pokimane recently started a talent management company, which seems like a logical way to make extra use of her expertise. Of course, investing in gas stations is a very different financial move. Amouranth might not have much to do with their day-to-day management, but she's clearly excited about the purchases anyway. That's because she's actually bound to save a lot of money through these investments.

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The Logic Behind Amouranth's Gas Stations

Luckily for fans who are confused about Amouranth's purchases, she explained them thoroughly on Twitter. Amouranth says that she'll have to pay some $6 million in taxes for 2021, and she's interested in cutting down on her taxes. Thanks to certain tax laws in the region where Amouranth invested, the streamer's new gas station will allow her to defer some of the taxes, reducing her next tax payment. Investing her money into a business also means Amouranth simply has less money sitting around in her bank account, which would otherwise increase her taxes too.

Amouranth has explained in other tweets that she's an enthusiastic believer in making smart investments and using one's money productively. Considering the thought that's gone into her gas station investments and the financial changes she predicts for herself, Amouranth clearly feels strongly about making her money work for her. She expects to earn tens of thousands of dollars in passive income from her new Circle K, and the 7-Eleven will surely generate some revenue too. Amouranth seems optimistic that these gas stations will put money in her pockets thanks to their locations in high traffic metropolitan areas, even if she has mortgages to pay on the properties.

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Amouranth's Investing Pattern

Amouranth has assured her fans on Twitter that she doesn't intend to flex her wealth at all by buying up these gas stations; she has pointed out that, if she was trying to show off, she would have bought something a little more flashy like a vineyard. Amouranth's detailed breakdown of her finances certainly suggest that the gas station purchases are purely tactical; she probably wouldn't feel motivated to explain the math if this was purely a publicity stunt. Whether or not the gas stations pay off remains to be seen, but for now, Amouranth's confidence suggests she's not likely to back down.

Even though there's some solid logic behind Amouranth's investment, it's still a little surprising. Amouranth is one of Twitch's biggest streamers, getting some 3 million hours of views per month and dominating Twitch categories like ASMR and Just Chatting. Amouranth doesn't seem like she'd need to bother buying up gas stations with so much success, but then again, even celebrities need to mind their money. Although Amouranth hasn't revealed the locations of the gas stations yet, if she ever does, it'll certainly be a major event in the Amouranth fanbase, who are bound to make some trips to the Circle K and 7-Eleven as a show of support.

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